Benefits of an Internship

  • Opportunity to explore careers
  • Build a competitive resume
  • Develop transferrable and marketable skills
  • Build a professional network
  • Opportunity to obtain references
  • Develop a sense of professionalism|
  • Opportunity to apply what you have learned in class
  • Earn income!

Getting Started:
Set Internship Goals and Objectives
Before you start looking for an internship, it helps to think about what kind of internship you want. What do you hope to gain from your internship? Begin to think about your ideal internship and your preferred work situation.  In order to do this, you will need to know your skills and strengths, the areas where your skills are underdeveloped, and your work style. You can make an appointment at the Career Center to discuss this in detail by calling 516.323.3469

Resume and Cover Letter
These materials are your first introduction to potential employers. It is important that you have well written and well developed cover letters and resumes. Each cover letter should be tailored to each position and employer. A resume should be a one-page highlight of your qualifications and experience. To learn more on how to effectively write a cover letter and resume, make an appointment at the Career Center today. Call 516.323.3469.

Search and Apply
Once you have perfected your cover letters and resume, start to search for internship opportunities. Once you found internships that you are interested in, submit your materials.  Be sure to carefully follow application instructions and be aware of deadline dates. 

See Internship Search Resources below for a list websites that allow you to search for internship opportunities.
Or try

It is never too early to begin practicing for an interview. It is a skill that every job seeker looks to master.  Practice your personal pitch and answering challenging interview questions during a mock interview.

Learn about free online tools to help you practice interviewing and/or schedule a mock interview at the Career Development Center 

•  Master the art of networking while attending career events on and off campus. 

•  Build a professional online profile using social media - Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Have a Presence
•   Get involved on and off campus. 

•   Make a difference through community service and helping others. 
•   Build a network, develop new skills and show off your talent! 

According to the Department of Labor, Internships should be a learning experience relevant to your field of study.  If you are applying to an unpaid internship, this experience should be directly related to your major, you should register for the Molloy College internship course and should not be doing mostly administrative work. If you have questions about this, contact the Career Center before accepting the internship.



Resources for finding internships