Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about a student organization?
Check the website for a list/description of all student organizations or stop by the Office of Student Affairs, second floor, Public Square. Someone  will be available to answer all your questions.  

How do I join a student organization?
There are several ways to join. Contact the Office of Student Affairs, second floor Public Square and they will give you the name of the club's president and their contact info. Or, check out "The Lion's Tale" to see when the group meets. You can also attend Club Activity Day to get more  details. And don't forget to check them out the club bulletin boards on the lower level of Kellenberg Hall.

Whom do I speak with about starting a new student organization?
To start a new student organization, you should first speak with the Director of Campus Life who will provide you with a "New Student Organization Start-up Packet." Contact

Do I have to start a new student organization by a certain date?
You can start a new student organization at any time.

How does a student organization get funded?
All student organizations recognized by the Molloy Student Government are eligible to submit a budget request. Then the M.S.G. Budget Committee will review each request and determine the allocation for each student organization.

What do we do with money we raise through fundraisers?
Deposit funds with the Director of Campus Life within 24 hours of the completion of the event. Confirmation of deposit will be placed in the student organization's mailbox in the M.S.G. office.

How does a student organization change Officer Information?
A "Leadership Change Form" is available in the Office of Student Affairs/Campus Life.

Are student leaders permitted to sign contracts?
No one is permitted to sign contracts except the Vice President for Student Affairs.

How does a student organization reserve a room for a meeting or program?
Any student organization can request a room for a club meeting or event by going to Room 330, Public Square and speaking with the Director of Campus Life.

If we want to have a table in Wilbur Lobby for fundraisers, what do we do?
Student organizations should contact the Director of Campus Life in Public Square, Room 330 who will submit a request for table space. Confirmations will be emailed to the student organization.

How do we get an Advisor? Change an Advisor?
Student organizations can request any full-time faculty or administrative member of the Molloy community to serve as the advisor. Information regarding the role/responsibilities of an advisor are available in the Office of Student Affairs/Campus Life or you may click here to download a printable copy. All advisors must sign an Agreement indicating that they accept the responsibilities associated with advising a student organization. Student organizations can change advisors. Follow the same process as detailed above.

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