Medical Administrative Assistant

This program is of particular interest to anyone seeking employment in health care facilities, such as physician's offices, hospitals, emergency centers, billing offices and other related business oriented offices.

The Medical Administrative Assistant Program consists of the following ten (10) required courses:
MR-1500 - Medical Terminology
MR-1510 - Structure and Function of the Human Body (Anatomy and Physiology)
MR-2500 - ICD-9-CM Coding
MR-3500 - CPT-HCPCS Coding
MR-1530 - Medical Office Procedures
MR-4510 - Physician Billing
MR-4520 - Physician Reimbursement/Collections
MR-2520 - Interpretation of Laboratory Results
MR-2525 - Pharmacology for Medical Records Personnel
MR-1550 - Medical Manager

Certificates and Certificate Requirements
A course certificate is awarded upon successful completion of each individual course. A larger program certificate, suitable for framing, is awarded at the completion of the Medical Administrative Assistant Program . You may earn a certificate in any of the specialties, or take a few additional courses and receive two or more program certificate. The Medical Administrative Assistant Program certificate requires successful completion of 10 courses listed above.

Course certificates are usually mailed out automatically 1-2 weeks after course grades have been submitted. However, students should contact the Office of Continuing Education at 516-678-5000 ext. 6206 or by email at: at the completion of the program to have a program certificate issued.

Course Schedules and Locations
Courses are typically offered throughout the year on day, evening and weekend schedules. The courses can be taken at either our Rockville Centre campus or at our Suffolk Center in East Farmingdale. You may begin your studies at any time.

The schedule of classes comes out in our catalog which is mailed twice a year to students who have made an inquiry or registered within the last 6 months. However, the most up-to-date scheduling information can be found on this webpage. We will also email you monthly reminders of the upcoming schedule if you have provided us with an email address.

Plan of Study
Regardless of the certificate title you pursue, the following four core courses are required in each program and it is suggested that you start your studies with Medical Terninology and/or Structure and Function of the Human Body (Anatomy and Physiology):
MR-1500 - Medical Terminology
MR-1510 - Structure and Function of the Human Body (Anatomy and Physiology)
MR-2500 - ICD-9-CM Coding
MR-3500 - CPT-HCPCS Coding

Please note that a number of the courses do have prerequisites and that those prerequisites will be listed in the course descriptions.

The number of sessions that a course meets, as well as the tuition for the courses, varies from course to course. However, most classes meet for 5-8 sessions and the average tuition rate is $275.

You may proceed through the program at your own pace, taking as few or as many courses as you would like, as long as you have the necessary prerequisites. However, most students are typically taking about 2 courses at a time. At that rate students would be able to complete the requirements for the certificate in 9-12 months. There is no time limit to complete the certificate requirements.

Should you need assistance in selecting your  courses or if you should have any question regarding the program, please call 516-678-5000 ext. 6602 or email Ann McTigue at:

Click here for the schedule of classes. The course location is listed in the section information for each course.

Free Career Seminar
Not sure if this career is right for you? Attend our free career seminar. This career seminar is led by experienced professionals who will offer real advice about career and academic paths and talk about both the satisfactions and challenges of their own chosen careers. The seminar is one and a half hours long, given in the evening and offered twice a year - every September and January. There is no charge for the seminar, which is held on our Rockville Centre campus. Click here for a current schedule of classes and to register.

Students should register for classes at least one week prior to the start of classes to insure enough time for you to get your confirmation and parking permit. However, you can register up until the day of class. Please note that some of our classes do close out and some of our classes do cancel, so you may be taking a chance of not getting into the course of your choice by waiting.

To register online, in person, by phone, by fax or by mail, click here. Confirmation of your registration and classroom assignments will be mailed or emailed to you upon receipt of your registration.

Tuition varies for each course and the tuition rate can be found in the course listings in each section, in the course descriptions or in the schedule of classes. There are no course fees. Payment is due at time of registration; however, purchase orders will also be accepted if you register by mail or by fax. Some forms of financial assistance are available (see below). The total tuition for the entire Medical Administrative Assistant certificate program is $2,675.

Financial Assistance
This program is approved for Veterans Benefits, as well as for Displaced Homemakers and/or Dislocated Workers.
See our Tuition, Financial Aid & Refund Information page for details. Since most continuing education courses do not lead to a college degree, they are not eligible for the traditional forms of financial aid, such as TAP and/or Pell. Some private lenders will help you finance continuing education and certificate programs.

Course Challenge
If you wish to challenge the course Medical Terminology (MR-1500) and/or Structure and Function of the Human Body (MR-1510), based upon prior work experience and/or education, you may take a challenge/waiver exam. Call the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development to schedule an appointment.

If you are already an RN or a Physician you are automatically waived from Medical Terminology (MR-1500) and Structure and Function of the Human Body (MR-1500). Attach a copy of your license to your registration form. Click here for a registration form.

If you should have any questions regarding this program, contact Ann McTigue at or at 516.678.5000 ext .6602.

Have questions regarding our schedules and/or registration status? Email the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Development at or call 561.678.5000 ext. 6206.

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