AP Mentoring and AP Summer Institute Bundle

New for 2017!

AP Mentoring and AP Summer Institute Bundling
Teachers who are enrolling in one of the three following AP Summer Institutes will have the option of strengthening their teaching practice with personalized guidance throughout the year with an AP mentor in:

-  AP Computer Science Principles

-  AP English Literature and Composition

-  AP U.S. History

AP Mentoring is an online teacher-to-teacher support program for teachers of all experience levels.

- The program connects teachers looking to develop their practice with expert teachers who get great results in the classroom.

- One mentor and up to four mentees meet monthly via video chat, completing 12 sessions over the course of the school year.

- For the 2017-18 school year, AP Mentoring will be offered in: AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Literature & Composition and AP United States History

Through AP Mentoring, teachers can:

- Access face-to-face, personalized feedback that they can apply in the classroom right away.

- Improve student performance in class and on AP Exams.

- Be active participants in their own development by working with a mentor to analyze and modify their teaching practice.

- Earn 2.2 CEUs.

For more information on the AP Mentoring Program, visit: www.collegeboard.org/apmentoring 

Making the Cost Affordable for Teachers and School Districts
The AP Mentoring and AP Summer Institute Bundling (APSI/APM bundle) is offered at the discounted rate of $1,395. That is a savings of $295 if you were to enroll in an AP Summer Institute (normally $795 at Molloy College) and signup for the AP Mentoring Program (normally $895), separately.

The tuition for the APSI/APM bundle is $1,395 and it can only be taken on non-credit, in-service credit basis (sorry, there is no graduate credit option). Registration for the APSI/APM bundle is on-going up until 2-weeks before the start of the APSI. Tuition. However, please note that institutes do close-out and you should try and register as soon as possible.  You may register for the institutes on a non-credit, in-service basis online by clicking the appropriate APSI/APM bundle link below:

-  AP Computer Science Principles

-  AP English Literature and Composition

-  AP U.S. History

You may also register by phone by calling 516.323.3554, or by mail or fax by downloading a Non-Credit/In-Service Registration Form.

Please note:  if your district is paying for you to attend an AP Summer Institute you can register for the institute without having the official purchase order yet. We realize that an official purchase order can take some time to process and some of these institutes can close-out quickly, so you can register without the official PO to secure yourself a seat, but the official PO will need to be received prior to the start of the institute. 

You may receive a full refund if you cancel prior to the first day of class. However, no refunds of any kind will be given after the first day of the APSI. Teachers cannot cancel one part of the APSI/APM bundle. If you have registered for the bundle and now wish to take either the APSI or the APM by itself, you must cancel your bundle registration and re-register for the portion that you wish to take. No partial refunds will be issued.

If you should have any questions regarding the AP Mentoring and AP Summer Institute Bundling registration process, please contact Cindy Thomas at 516.323.3554 or by e-mail at cthomas@molloy.edu.