Veterans Admissions

Molloy College provides high quality educational opportunities for Veterans like you, wishing to fulfill their academic goals and prepare for future careers. The College assists with the various needs of military students - whether you are a Veteran, still on active duty or reserve status - for available benefits through the Veteran's Administration (VA). Molloy also works with the families of military who have G.I. Bill benefits that can be applied to financing college.


The Admissions Office assists prospective military students with their applications. Qualified Veterans or those on active or reserve status may utilize VA benefits for any registered programs at the undergraduate or graduate level. Students can apply by following the College admissions procedures:

Transferable Credit

Molloy College grants transferable credits to military servicemen or Veterans who have completed certifications and other credits earned through various training courses. Examples include credits documented on the SMARTS and AARTS transcripts which are evaluated on an individual basis. Physical education credit will be granted for basic training. Additional credits can be earned through college level exams such as CLEP and DSST with the recommended American Council on Education (ACE) scores.

Our Admissions counselors are familiar with VA benefits and will be able to answer and assist with academic planning, advising and related questions. Call or send an email to the Admissions Office at 516.323.4000 or

Veteran's Enrollment Certification

Students expecting to receive Veteran's benefits must be certified by Christy Law in the Office of the Registrar. Military students need to submit the VA Certification of Eligibility to Christy Law. Military students should contact the Registrar's Office, located in the Wilbur Arts Building, about their Veteran status and/or active or reserves status. The Registrar's Office should be notified of any plans to use G.I. Bill benefits.

Contact Christy Law, Veteran's Certifying Officer/Registrar Technical Specialist, at 516.323.4307 or

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Note: "Molloy College does not engage in high pressure recruitment practices for the purpose of securing Service member enrollment. This includes multiple unsolicited contacts and any practice with monetary value of more than a de minimis amount."