Tuition Policies And Procedures

Students are responsible for the payment of tuition by the due date as stated on the student's statement of account invoice. The following information includes the billing process and procedures regarding student account balances.

Payment for the fall semester is due mid-August.  Payment for the spring semester is due mid-January.

The exact due date will be printed on the initial billing invoice. This date is linked to the general registration date. On or after this date, any student who registers for fall or spring semesters must pay in full upon registration. See payment methods. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the billing address is correct.See the student liability statement. Should it be necessary to change your personal information, see the registrar for a student information sheet. A student may fill out a formal withdrawal notice to withdraw from one or more courses before the end of the semester. Once submitted to the Registrar and processed, the student will receive a refund.

Students who fail to comply with the statement due date, will receive monthly past due invoices for a minimum of three invoices per semester. A telephone reminder will also be made available to those students who fail to meet the statement due date. After an account is 60 days past due, account holders can expect to receive a series of collection letters. Late penalties will be attached at this time.

An invoice that is 120 days past due may be referred to a collection agency. This action may affect your personal credit rating and will add additional collection costs to the past due balance. See the student liability statement.

No student will be allowed to register for a new academic semester owing money in a previous semester. See early registration.

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