Undergraduate Nursing FAQs


For the traditional High School student, it is a 4-year program. As a transfer student, it depends and can vary 2-4 years. As an accelerated student with a prior bachelor's degree, it is a 2-3 year program.


We are affiliated with all hospitals and agencies on Long Island, some hospitals in Queens, and few hospitals in Manhattan. Students are assigned to the hospital by the program.


We have available the ACE tutoring program, writing center, DSS/STEEP for students needing accommodations. Also available are student counseling services and campus ministries.


Students rotate through Fundamentals of Nursing, Adult Health, Obstetrics, pediatrics, mental health, community health, critical care and a senior capstone.


Students have a CARP Program, Comprehensive Assessment and Remediation Program, which is part of the entire program of study and helps students identify strengths and weaknesses related to topics on the licensing exam. A specialized program of predictor tests and review classes are offered during their senior semester.


Yes, students can participate in all campus programs and activities such as athletics, service learning, international programs, and the honors program.