Graduate Business FAQ


A. No, the Molloy College School of Business does not require the GRE or GMAT.



A. The Molloy College School of Business employs a holistic admissions process.  Your GPA is considered as a single component among many included in your overall application.  In addition to considering your application, you will be interviewed by the Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs.


A. Classes are taught in 7-week immersion semesters.  There are 2 separate 7-week immersion semesters each Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Classes are offered in different formats, including Face-to-Face, Hybrid (part Face-to-Face and part Online), Online Synchronous (live online meetings), and Online Asynchronous (self-directed online modules).


A. As a result of the Molloy College School of Business unique 7-week immersion semester model, new MBA students have the benefit of 6 student entry points during the year.  New students can begin their studies at two different points in each of the full Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  For example, a student can begin in the Fall I session or the Spring II session.


A. There is no single answer to this question, as every student is unique. The Molloy College School of Business MBA program offers flexibility in the way that each student progresses through the program. Students can finish their MBA in as little as 1-year if desired. Most students take longer, depending upon their individual circumstances and needs. Most students complete their studies over 2-years.



A. The Molloy College School of Business is committed to providing you with a transformative, Executive-Based education.  Your professors are experts in their fields because they have held the very senior leadership roles that you aspire to hold.  As a result, you will learn much more than theory and skills in the classroom, as faculty members openly share the lessons learned from their many years of professional experience.  This approach is truly transformative.