Freshman Year

Welcome to the Experiential Academy at Molloy! During your first year at the Experiential Academy, the focus of your study will be on the most fascinating topic imaginable -- you! We'll be using your own life history and experiences as a foundation to try to answer some of the most perplexing questions posed about our human experience.

Fall Semester                                                           


During your first semester at the Academy you'll be exploring the qualities possessed by creative visionaries in fields like music, art, writing, and film. You'll also discover how you can tap into your own innate creative potential.  As part of your coursework, you'll get to try your hand at photography, painting, and creative writing. Your culminating project will be the creation of a self-portrait book that captures who you are at this very moment in your life.


Wednesdays, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.; 1 - 5 p.m.

  • PHI 2750: Philosophy and the Creative Experience (3 crs)
  • ENG 3360: Poetry Since World War II (3 crs)
  • ART 2280: Modern  Art (3 crs)
  • ENG 1100: Introduction to Composition (3 crs)                                             
  • ​+ 3-4 LAS credits*

Spring Semester       


During your second semester at Molloy, it will be time to dig deep and to reflect on the big questions of life: who are you, where do you come from and where are you ultimately going? You'll have the opportunity to experience meditation, yoga, and other body-mind practices aimed at increasing self awareness and maximizing well-being. Your culminating project this semester will be to create a personal website that conveys your own unique philosophy of life as well as your goals and aspirations for the future. 


Wednesdays, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.; 1 - 5 p.m.

  • TRS 1010: Major Religious Voices (3 crs)
  • PSY 1110: General Psychology (3 crs)
  • ENG 3650: Literature and the Culture of Life (3 crs)
  • FST 1010: College Experience (1 cr)
  • PED 1950: Hatha Yoga (PED, 2 crs)                                           
  • + 3-4 LAS credits*

* Counts as major or elective classes

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