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Welcome to the Experiential Academy

The Experiential Academy is a two-year program of study, culminating in an Associate's Degree. The program, which also fulfills the general education requirements of Molloy College, provides an innovative, 21st century approach to higher education and was created for those seeking a more dynamic and engaging type of learning than is typically found in traditional college classrooms.

Let's start with what you won't find here. There's...

  • No lecturing
  • No PowerPoint presentations                       
  • No rote memorization
  • No test-taking

Instead, you'll spend the first four semesters at Molloy fulfilling your general education requirements by focusing on fascinating topics as part of a supportive community of faculty and like-minded students. Learning communities meet once a week (Wednesday or Friday) and involve active, hands-on activities aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the topics being studied and the personal development of the student-learner. 

At the end of your two years, you'll automatically receive an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and admission into any B.A./B.S. program in the Schools of Arts and Sciences, and Business. More than that, you'll be prepared to succeed during your final two years of college, because you'll have been trained to excel in critical thinking, research skills, and oral and written communication.  

Our Ideal Student

We recognize that a program like this is not for everyone. That's why we're selective about the kind of student we accept into the Experiential Academy-one who's not afraid to experiment, who enjoys thinking outside the box, and who really believes that learning should be awesome. Academic ability is great, but we think that having an engaging personality, possessing a bit of curiosity, and having a good sense of humor are more important than just about anything else. If you're quirky, interesting, or unconventional, then we really want you!  

Program Time-Frame

We at the Experiential Academy believe that course schedules should fit the specific needs of students. That's why we give three options for completing the requirements of the Academy, whether to finish an Associates Degree or to fulfill general education requirements for a B.A./B.S. degree.

Option 1: 4 Semester Program
Optimal for those who can make the commitment to take 16 credits per semester.

Option 2: 4 Semesters + Summer Program in Europe
This option allows for a somewhat lighter course-load each semester and is ideal for those seeking to participate in our summer program in European Culture and Society in Leuven, Belgium.

Option 3: 5 Semester Program
This option has been designed for those working full-time or with families, who absolutely need to limit their course time to one day a week. The course load is lighter and spread out over an additional semester to allow more time for other responsibilities. 


The Experiential Academy is led by some of the best full-time faculty in the college all of whom are experts in their fields and trained in experiential learning pedagogy. In addition, each student is assigned a faculty mentor for the full two years of the program, providing career advisement, academic counseling and support as needed.  


We don't care about the SAT at all, so we don't require standardized test scores for admission into the program. Instead, we ask you to fill out our on-line application which consists of just one question: "Why you?" You can answer this question any way you want, any how you want. Once we get your application, we'll invite you in for a chat to make absolutely sure that this program is for you and then guide you through the admission's process for the college.

To begin the process of applying to the Experiential Academy, use our easy online form, found here:

Experiential Academy Application

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