Experiential Academy

The Experiential Academy is a two-year course of study that enables students to fulfil their entire general education requirements experientially-that is, through hands-on, active, in-the-world learning. There's no lecturing, no note-taking, no memorization, and no test-taking EVER. The program meets only one day a week on campus and uses online modules and assignments to create flexibility in the learning environment. At the end of two years, students will have completed their general education requirements and will be able to transition seamlessly into most majors at the College.

What kinds of experiences will you have as part of the Experiential Academy?

You'll learn painting, photography, creative writing, meditation, yoga, book-making, video production, and web-design. You'll have the opportunity to spend an entire semester studying about the history, art, and social movements of New York City by exploring the neighborhoods and sites of the City itself. And, at the end of the program, you'll be able to spend an entire month in the heart of Europe as part of our European Studies program capstone.
For more information, please contact Michael Russo at mrusso@molloy.edu or 516.323.3340/3345.