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Molloy University provides high quality educational opportunities for veterans wishing to fulfill their academic goals and prepare for future careers. The College assists with the various needs of military students whether they are veterans or those still on active duty or reserve status, for available benefits through the Veteran's Administration (VA). Molloy also works with the families of military who have G.I. Bill® benefits that can be applied to financing college.

The Admissions Office assists prospective military students with their applications. Qualified veterans or those on active or reserve status may utilize VA benefits for any registered programs at the undergraduate or graduate levels. Students apply following the college admissions procedures and deadlines. Molloy University grants transferable credits to military servicemen or veterans who have completed certifications and other credits earned through various training courses.  Examples include credits documented on the SMARTS and AARTS transcripts and are evaluated on an individual basis.   Physical education credit will be granted for basic training.  Additional credits can be earned through college level exams such as CLEP and DSST with the recommended ACE (The American Council on Education) scores. The Admissions counselors are familiar with VA benefits and will be able to answer and assist with academic planning, advising and related questions.
Contact: or 516.323.4012.

Veteran's Enrollment Certification
Students expecting to receive veteran's benefits must be certified by the Office of the Registrar after the add/drop period ends for each semester or term. Military students need to submit the VA Certification of Eligibility. Military students should contact the Registrar's Office Veteran's Enrollment Certifying Officer about their veteran status and/or active or reserves status. The Registrar's Veteran's Coordinator should be notified of any plans to use G.I. Bill benefits.
Christy Law, Veteran's Certifying Officer/Registrar Technical Specialist, at 516.323.4307 or email
Monica Morello at 516-323-4309, Veteran's Certifying Official/ Assistant Registrar, at 516.323.4309 or email

Academic Policy on Withdrawals
The college does not penalize military students for early withdrawal if a reservist or active duty enlisted service member is called to active duty, taking them away from campus. The student may withdraw from courses without academic penalties. Students withdrawing from all courses in a given term, should submit a Withdrawal Leave Form with the Registrar's Office. Students must be approved for re-entry by the Associate Dean for Academic Support Services. For extraordinary circumstances, documentation should be provided to the Registrar's Veteran's Coordinator.

Withdrawals from the college for military students receiving other types of financial aid are handled by the federal and state policies for all students.

Students may request a grade of "Incomplete" depending on the program, how close the student is to completing the course and subject to the instructor's approval and depending if the student is near completion of the course. Courses in the professions such as education, nursing, allied health and any internship may need to be repeated in a later term.

Career Services
Molloy University has a Career Center to aid all students in career education, planning, development and implementation of career plans and opportunities. Students may contact Director of the Career Center, Mary Brosnan, at 516.323.3468.

Bursar's Office
Details on deferred payment plans are available through the Bursar's Office to veterans and eligible dependents, who are certified to receive education benefits. Payment arrangements must be made with the Bursar's Office. Failure to make payment by the scheduled due dates will result in a Bursar Hold being placed on the student account to prevent future registration and block release of official transcripts.
Contact: Monica Morello, Bursar's Veterans' Representative, at 516.323.4102.

Financial Aid
All military students should complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), even though they may receive G. I. Bill® benefits. The FAFSA Form covers federal aid. To submit online applications go to or contact the Office of Financial Aid.

To apply for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and other New York state aid, go to Legislation for aid to military students is subject to change. Students need to review the information as they plan their expenses.

Active, reserve and veterans of the military covered by VA program benefits may be eligible for other sources of student financial aid. Federal and state sources may include:

    •          Federal Pell Grant
    •          Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
    •          Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)
    •          New York State Tuition Assistance Program Grant (TAP)
    •          New York State Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS)
    •          Students may also be eligible for Molloy University Scholarships and grants.
    •          NYS Veteran's Award
    •          Molloy participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. More information on the program is on the government's VA website
    •          NYS Veteran's Award

Contact: Gene Rogers, Financial Aid Officer, at 516.323.4207.

Active Duty Service Members Tuition Assistance Policies
The Department of Defense requires non-directory, personally identifiable information that is protected by FERPA be reported as a condition of receiving tuition assistance. Service members must sign an authorization for Molloy to release information on course enrollment, course withdrawal, course cancellation, course completion or failure, grades, verification of degree completion and billing information to the Department of Defense and Service branches. This FERPA Release Consent Form must be authorized prior to having tuition assistance approved.

The "Academic Policy" section of the catalog covers policies for add/drop, withdrawal from courses or withdrawal from the college and for re-entry or readmission. Leaving classes or the college while in pursuit of a degree will add to the time to degree completion as the returning student must follow college policies on completing prerequisites and meet progression standards that vary by program. (See the catalog for more information.) College policies on academic standing and financial responsibilities will apply. Enrollment Management handles grievances for financial issues. The policy for appealing grades is covered in the Student Handbook, or contact the Associate Support Dean for Academic Affairs.

All military tuition assistance must be requested and approved prior to the start date of the course. The service member will be solely responsible for all tuition costs if not approved for the funding.

Students will be encouraged to verify course acceptance by Community College of the Air Force (Air Force only) or other programs(s), with the installation education advisor before enrolling or requesting military tuition assistance.

Helpful Websites
Other sources of helpful information for further research are:

    •    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
    •    New York State Division of Veterans Affairs
    •    Department of Defense Form DD214 for Discharge Papers
    •     Student Veterans of America
    •     Today's GI Bill®

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at:


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