Federal Progress Requirements

Federal Financial Aid Academic Progress Requirements

Financial aid recipients are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to continue to receive financial aid. A student must remain in good academic standing to receive funding under the Federal and state aid programs. The following chart shows the minimum standards required for a full-time student in order to maintain eligibility for federal financial aid:

 1        2      3  4    5      6   
       GPA 1.8 2.0 2.0    2.0    2.0    2.0  

In addition, students are required to maintain a pace that will enable them to complete their degree within the federally mandated timeframe. for example,  full-time students must complete their bachelor's degree within six years. After six years, the student is no longer eligible for Federal Financial Aid. To maintain "pace" requirements, students at Molloy College must complete 67% of all attempted credits. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 516.678.5000 ext. 6249

"Successfully completed" is defined as having received grades of "A," "B," "C," "D" or "P." Grades of "F," "W," "WF," "I," or "NA" do not constitute successful completion. The credit equivalency of remedial classes will be considered in determining progress for those students who are required to enroll in remedial classes.

Starting 2011-2012, as per new Federal regulation, a student who fails to meet one or more of the satisfactory academic progress requirements will lose their eligibility to receive financial aid. A student who has lost eligibility for financial aid due to failure to meet the academic progress requirements will regain eligibility when it has been determined that they are again meeting the standards.

A student who loses their eligibility may appeal this determination if there are serious circumstances which affected the student's performance. For example, a serious illness or a death in the family. A student who wishes to apply for an appeal must submit a letter detailing the special circumstance along with substantiating documentation to the Financial Aid Office.

A student may not exceed 150 percent of the time required to complete their course of study.

A student may receive aid for a maximum of four classes being repeated because they failed to achieve a satisfactory grade in the class.

New York Financial Aid Academic Requirements

Program Pursuit: A student must achieve a passing or failing grade and complete a certain percentage of their full-time course load in order to receive a state award during the subsequent semester (grades of "W" or "WF" are not included). Full-time is defined as minimum of 12 credits or the equivalent.

The following chart lists the minimum standards of satisfactory progress that a student must maintain to continue their TAP eligibility for each subsequent semester:
Calendar Semester (Non-remedial students)

Payment Number  1st   2nd 3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th  10th  
Credits Earned 0 6 15 27 39 51 66 81 96 111
GPA 0 1.5 1.8 1.8 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0

Calendar Semester (Remedial students)

Payment Number  1st   2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th  10th  
Credits Earned 0 3 9 21 33 45 60 75 90 105
GPA 0 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0

*Note: Only students enrolled in an approved five year program (e.g. H.E.O.P.) are eligible to receive a ninth or tenth semester TAP payment.

Students who have lost eligibility for a state award due to a failure to meet the academic progress requirements in a given semester will lose TAP eligibility for the following semester. If this occurs, eligibility will be reinstated at the time the student again meets the requirements. A one-time waiver is given if extenuating circumstance occurred which affected th student's academic performance. Ex: The student had a serious illness or death in the family. Details on how to apply are available in the Financial Aid Office.

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