Financial Aid and Bursar FAQs


Bills are posted in the Lion's Den. Click on the “My Finance” tab and then click on “My Account Info” to view your statement and pay your bill online.

Yes, you can pay your bill by signing in to Lion’s Den, going to “MY FINANCES” and selecting “GO TO CASHNET”.

Bills for the fall semester are mailed in mid-July and payment is due in early August, as noted in the academic calendar.

If you have a registration hold, you can check your Lion’s Den account to learn why. Holds can be viewed by logging in and going to “Course Search,” the explanation will be under “Holds.”

Financial Aid

Parents are not responsible for student loans. Parents are, however, responsible for Federal PLUS loans. Parents will only be responsible for your educational loans if they co-sign your loan. In general, you alone are responsible for repaying your educational loans. You do not need to get your parents to cosign your federal student loans, even if you are under age 18, as the “defense of infancy” does not apply to federal student loans. (The defense of infancy presumes that a minor is not able to enter into contracts, and considers any such contract to be void. There is an explicit exemption to this principle in the Higher Education Act with regard to federal student loans.) However, lenders may require a cosigner on private student loans.

Financial aid, just like tuition, is based on your enrollment status. If you are enrolled as a full-time student, you will be eligible for more financial aid than if you are a part-time student. If you drop classes and fall below full-time or half-time status, some of your aid could be affected. If you withdraw completely from the college and your aid has already been disbursed, you may need to pay back some of the aid you received. In addition, you are required to take classes that are going towards your major or your minor, if they are not required for either, your aid could be affected.

There is a level of academic progress that must be maintained in order to keep financial aid. See our catalog for further information or go to Federal and State Progress Requirements.

Not immediately. The subsidized direct loan has a grace period of six months before the student must begin repaying the loan. When you take a leave of absence, you will not have to repay your loan until the grace period ends. If you use up the grace period, however, when you graduate you will have to begin repaying your loan immediately. It is possible to request an extension to the grace period, but this must be done before the grace period is ends. If your grace period has run out in the middle of your leave of absence, you will have to start making payments on your student loans.

The Financial Aid Office has not received any updates from the Department of Education (DOE) for the Fall as it pertains to Federal Work Study. The Office will notify supervisors and former student workers of plans once the DOE announces them.

If a student takes off for the Fall semester and returns in the Spring, they will be able to receive the scholarship provided that the requirements, such as GPA, full time status, and FAFSA completed, are met.

If student plans to take an entire year off due to the pandemic, they must notify the Financial Aid Office. Provided that they do not attend another college during that time, and requirements such as GPA, full-time status and FAFSA are completed, the scholarship will be reinstated upon return.

Students will be notified in July if they are a recipient of one of the continuing student scholarships. Students who are not receiving an award will also be notified at that time.

Once you have received your financial aid award, there is a process to appeal the decision. You must reach out to the financial aid office and schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor and discuss the reasons for the appeal. You may be asked to provide additional documentation.

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