Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

Frequently Asked Questions for First-Year Students

  • Is there a deadline to apply?

    Molloy University offers rolling admissions. There is no deadline to apply!

  • Does Molloy University have scholarship opportunities?

    Yes! Students are reviewed automatically for academic scholarships automatically when they apply. If you receive any merit based scholarships, they will be outlined in your Acceptance package. We also offer a number of scholarships that you can apply for such as Community Service, and the Mission, Leadership and Media scholarships, Most require an essay to apply and more detailed information is on the website.

  • How do I know if you have received all of my documents?

    Once you submit an online application, you will have access to your application portal, which will include a checklist. When we receive a required document, a green check mark will appear next to the application requirement.

  • How can I send in my official high school transcript?

    Guidance counselors typically send in high school transcripts through Naviance. We also accept high school transcripts if they are emailed by your guidance office to admissions@molloy.edu, or if they are mailed to Molloy University from the high school in sealed, unopened envelopes.

  • How can I send in an official college transcript?

    We accept official college transcripts if they are sent by your college to Molloy electronically, or if they are mailed to us in sealed, unopened envelopes.

  • Can I get credit for my AP courses? If so, how can I do this?

    Yes, you can be awarded college credit for AP courses. Please note, that we require a minimum score of  3 or higher on your AP exam. You will need to send us your official AP exam score report through College Board for us to award you college credit. Depending upon your major and the course, the course may be awarded as elective credit, general education credit, or related requirement credit. If you have specific questions regarding this, please contact Molloy University’s Office of Admissions at admissions@molloy.edu.

  • How can I confirm that I will attend Molloy University?

    To confirm your attendance at Molloy, simply submit your confirmation form and $400 tuition deposit.  You can do this online or your admissions portal or by mail.

  • I am a first-year student and I have confirmed that I will attend Molloy. How do I register for courses?

    A freshmen advisor will create your schedule, to ensure that you are taking the appropriate first year courses for your major. If you have any questions or concerns when you receive your schedule, you can call the Student Solution Center to make any adjustments.