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Room & Board

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Housing Rates: 2023-2024 Academic Year

2023-2024 Housing Costs

Fitzgerald Hall Per Semester
Suite Single Room $7,675.00
Suite Double Room $6,890.00
Single Room $7,380.00
Double Room $6,715.00
Maria Regina Hall  
Suite Single Room $7,675.00
Single Room $7,380.00
Double Room $6,715.00
Triple Room $5,630.00
Bogner Hall  
Single Room $7,380.00
Double Room $6,715.00
Triple Room $5,630.00
Deluxe Double Room $8,445.00


2023-2024 Meal Plans

Meal Plans Fall Semester
Gold Plan: Declining Balance A $2,165.00
Silver Plan: Declining Balance B $1,935.00
Bronze Plan: Declining Balance C $1,710.00
Ruby Plan: Declining Balance D* $1,250.00


  • All changes to student meal plans must be done before the add/drop period for the semester.
  • If a student would like to add Lions Bucks to their Lions Card they can go to Campus Card Center
  • Note that meal plan money rolls over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester but does not roll from Spring Semester to Fall Semester.
  • There is a $20.00 administration fee to refund Lions Bucks


*The Ruby plan is for CAP 21 Theatre Arts Students Only.


Residence hall charges must be paid in full, prior to the move-in date.

Residential Life Payment Policy: Residence hall and meal plan charges must be paid in full by the student, prior to the move-in date.

Resident students are offered two types of payment options for their room and board charges. Both payment options require that the student makes payment in full, prior to the semester move-in-date.

Payment Option One: Students have the option of paying out-of-pocket for their room and board charges by the semester bill due date.

Payment Option Two: Students may request that their excess approved financial aid funds help cover all, or part of the costs of room and board. However, for financial aid funds to be considered, all financial aid documents must be in place, Master Promissory Note (MPN) signed, and loan approval received, by the Office of Financial Aid. Students should inform the Office of the Bursar when choosing payment Option Two.

Financial Aid Processing Tip: When applying for Federal Direct Parent Loan (PLUS) and/or Alternative Student Loan (ALT), students are encouraged to apply for the PLUS loan and/or ALT loan at least 45 days prior to the start of the semester.

Resident Assistants: Payment waivers for resident assistants (RAs) are processed by the Office of Residence Life. If a student is expecting a residence hall waiver and it is not reflected on the student account, please contact the Director of Residence Life.

Please direct your room and board questions to the Residence Life Office at 516.323.3463.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

1000 Hempstead Avenue Wilbur Arts Center, Room Q234
Rockville Centre
New York 11571-5002