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The Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Arts Education at Molloy University is a growing area of study preparing students for a successful career teaching art in PK - 12 schools. This teacher certification program combines the artistic resources of the Art Department and the Division of Education. The B.S. in Visual Arts Education prepares exemplary teacher candidates through rigorous art education courses based on theories and studio practice taught by esteemed faculty members.

The instructional faculty promote the creative art process, critical thinking and reflective practice. Teacher candidates while completing their B.S. degree (total 128 credits), to include general education requirements (41-42 credits), studio art content courses (45 credits), education classes (25 credits) and FST/Electives, have supervised field experiences in PK - 12 schools. Molloy graduates serve as art teachers in local area schools. Their success attests to the growth and quality of our Visual Arts Education program.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog (PDF) for more information about this degree. (For detailed program information navigate to pages 121-123.)

Art Education


The B.S. in Visual Arts Education prepares teacher candidates to obtain New York State Certification in Art grades PK-12. This program offers courses that meet New York state's initial teaching certification requirements.


Teacher candidates in the B.S. in Visual Arts Education are expected to:

  • Compose a teaching philosophy based on educational theories, classroom practices and current issues in art education.
  • Obtain content knowledge in art education and studio skills through art making, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, multicultural studies, technology and an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Develop the curriculum through lesson and unit plans based on the Molloy University Division of Education format. The lessons should be developmentally appropriate for grades Pre K-12 and based on New York State Standards for the Arts.
  • Understand differentiated instruction for students with special needs and those who are artistically gifted and talented.
  • Appreciate multicultural art and world art history through research combined with museum/gallery visits.
  • Develop evaluation techniques and assessment tools to measure conceptual understanding, creativity, and artistic growth.
  • Perform successful teaching demonstrations in class and during field experiences in school settings that reflect conceptual knowledge, artistic skills, instructional methods and classroom management.
  • Create bulletin board displays using concepts related to visual arts for grades Pre K-12.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to and development of artistic skills.
  • Demonstrate technology competence to teach visual arts in Pre K-12 schools.
  • Prepare a professional portfolio as a teacher candidate in visual arts.
  • Satisfy Division of Education's benchmark performance requirements.
  • Complete a required senior year creative art exhibition.

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