Benefits of the Major and Minor

Benefits of the Major and Minor

  • Clarify and deepen your own beliefs, values and ideas about religion (including your own religion, if you participate in one, and diverse views within it)
  • Gain understanding of religions in the world today, how they influence, and are influenced by, the cultures, politics and people around them
  • Develop religious literacy, as national and global citizens, that can enable you to understand religious diversity, similarities, and conflicts,
  • Become equipped, to take action, work with others, vote and speak out, about whether and how people of different religious beliefs can live together in today's world
  • Acquire skills of logic, analysis, interpretation and judgment which are helpful in many areas of life (understanding any complex problem, learning how to listen and speak to others, how to find common ground and deal with differences, are valuable in any career or profession and also are sought by employers)
  • Become equipped with tools of evaluation from various sources for interpreting beliefs and practices of particular religions or religion in general

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