Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)

The spiritual dimension of the human person is a basic element of human identity; thus religious experience has been a central dimension of all human cultures. In today's globalized world, religious literacy is essential for all educated persons. For this reason, both theology and religious studies play an indispensable role in a liberal arts curriculum. In accordance with the Dominican tradition that is Molloy's heritage, theology and religious studies are foundational in the pursuit of truth in the context of the individual and collective search for meaning.

General Education Requirements

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies offers courses that fulfill two general education requirements, in theology and religious studies and in ethics:

  1. The General Education requirement for theology and religious studies can be fulfilled by any course offered by this department with the NEW subject code TRS. (This requirement is not fulfilled by any ethics courses, identified by the subject code ETH.)
  2. The general education requirement for ethics can be fulfilled by any ETH course offered by either this department or the Philosophy Department.

    Program Outcomes

    ·       Engage the search for meaning as encountered in human religious experience, and as examined in the discipline of theology and religious studies.
    ·       Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources from a variety of religious traditions, in their socio-historical contexts
    .       Demonstrate an understanding of the central tenets of Christian theology, the history of the development of doctrine, and the interaction of theology and culture
    .       Apply the methods of theology and/or religious studies to develop critical understanding of diverse religious traditions and behaviors.
    ·       Describe and apply principles of Catholic social teaching as they relate to questions of social justice in the contemporary world.

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