Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)

The spiritual dimension of the human person is a basic element of human identity; thus religious experience has been a central dimension of all human cultures. In today's globalized world, religious literacy is essential for all educated persons. For this reason, both theology and religious studies play an indispensable role in a liberal arts curriculum. In accordance with the Dominican tradition that is Molloy's heritage, theology and religious studies are foundational in the pursuit of truth in the context of the individual and collective search for meaning.

General Education Requirements

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies offers courses that fulfill two general education requirements, in theology and religious studies and in ethics:

  1. The General Education requirement for theology and religious studies can be fulfilled by any course offered by this department with the NEW subject code TRS. (This requirement is not fulfilled by any ethics courses, identified by the subject code ETH.)
  2. The general education requirement for ethics can be fulfilled by any ETH course offered by either this department or the Philosophy Department.


  • To assist students to reflect on and personally engage in the search for meaning as a central dimension of human identity
  • To develop students' understanding and appreciation of the breadth of human religious experience in today's culturally diverse world
  • To enable students to critically assess and evaluate religious concepts in their historical and contemporary expressions, as these inform understandings of the sacred dimension of reality
  • To develop students' ability to articulate and demonstrate moral reasoning

Things you might do in a theology or religious studies course

  • Explore the role of religion in society
  • Study the beliefs of Christianity, the history of Judaism, the meditative practices of Buddhism, or the rituals of Hinduism
  • Compare the arguments of religious believers with those of atheists
  • Consider whether religions by nature promote good
  • Read the mysterious poems of the Tao Te Ching, the surprising parables of Jesus, or the wise sayings of Kung Fu-Tse (better known to many as Confucius)

Links you can use to learn more about what we do:

  • Utilize the Explore menu on this page to access more information about our department.
  • Visit to learn more about the study of theology and religion, the careers they support and the issues they investigate. This website for college students was created by the American Academy of Religion, the premier professional organization of scholars in our field.
  • Visit the Humanities Division to learn more about careers in other fields of study (such as literature, philosophy, languages and the arts) in the humanities, a group of disciplines that includes theology and religious studies.

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