Maureen Carey, Ph. D.

Professor, Department of Social Work

Educational Background
BA in psychology,  Molloy College, 1973
Master of Social Work, Fordham University, 1984
Doctor of Social Welfare, Fordham University, 1995

Teaching Philosophy
I am passionate about teaching. I enjoy the exchange with students and the challenge that teaching offers me as I try to teach difficult concepts in a way that is accessible to students. When students feel confident in the classroom to express ideas and to question areas that are unclear, it makes the experience that much richer for both teacher and student. I believe that there are many different options open to me when conducting a class. I try to bring the "real world" of social work into the classroom and try to expose students to the real world of social work through various activities and external assignments. Students have great capacities to become gifted and competent professionals and it is the work of the faculty to tap into those capacities and help students discover who they are and who they are becoming as future social workers.

Courses Taught
Social Work Practice in Research
Spirituality and Social Work
Introduction to Social Work
Senior Capstone Seminar

Academic Interests
As a social work practitioner, I began my career focused on designing and developing low-income and homeless housing in Brooklyn while working as a community outreach social worker and then within a large multi-service agency. Community organization and practical research-related projects infused the work at hand of providing decent, affordable housing to underserved residents of the many public/private shelter systems scattered throughout the five boroughs. My love of program development continued when I came to Molloy College as I became part of a team of educators from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services and Molloy to design and launch a collaborative MSW program between both institutions.

Beyond my deep interest in issues related to homelessness and poverty, I have three interrelated passions that I have pursued in my professional and personal life.  I love teaching social work and enjoy trying to expand my capabilities as an educator. I am deeply interested in spirituality and contemplative studies. I am also a practicing artist using watercolors, acrylics and other multi-media techniques. I have developed a method of meditation that combines watercolors and silent reflection and have given many workshops teaching this spiritual practice to hospice social workers, social work students, educators and those interested in deepening their own spirituality.

Carey, M. & McCardle, M. (2011).  Can an observational field model enhance critical thinking and generalist practice skills?  Journal of Social Work Education, 47, (2), 357-366.

O'Shaughnessy, M. & Carey, M. (2008).Silent Presence:  A Companion through the Journey of Grief (2007).  New York:  Linus Publications, Inc. 

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Poets and Artists:  Collaborations and Combinations.  Post University Press, New York.  2000.  (This book is comprised of works from poets and artists who exhibited at the Hutchins Gallery of the B. Davis Schwartz Library-one of my poems and two paintings were included in the publication).

Commissioned Artwork
Catherine on the Move, installed at St. Catherine's Hospital, Smithtown.  October, 2000.

Catherine's Bridge, installed at Siena Nursing Home, Smithtown. April, 2001.

Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic, installed at the Sisters of St. Dominic Motherhouse, June, 2001.

Martin: Keeping an Eye on Justice, installed at the Sisters of St. Dominic Motherhouse, October, 2001.

Dominic's Path, installed at Molloy College, 2007.

Land of Dominic and Land of Catherine installed in Board Room at Molloy College, 2009.


Featured Articles about my Artwork
American Artist Magazine, May, 1997, Creating a Watercolor Journal Using Meditation

Watercolor Magazine, winter, 1998, Four Artists Travel Tuscany

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