Lois Carey, PH.D., LCSW



Ph.D. - 1996 - New York University School of Social Work - Clinical Social Work
MSW - 1983 - Adelphi University School of Social Work - Social Work
BSW - 1982 - Adelphi University School of Social Work - Social Welfare
A.A. - 1980 - Nassau Community College - Liberal Art

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching has evolved over time due to my professional experiences, such as teaching, mentoring, advisement, classroom experiences and one-to-one discussions with students, which have all shaped and molded it. I believe that relationship is at the heart of any valuable interpersonal experience, including teaching and learning. Therefore, creating a safe and comfortable environment that affords opportunities for the learning experience to unfold (i.e., unique questions, perspectives, risks and teachable moments, etc.) is where it is "at."

Secondly, I believe that the integration of theory into practice is a major contributor to professional development within any discipline and it is social work at its best. When the theory is integrated with professional experiences that have happened within and outside the classroom, students make the conceptual connections and the "light bulbs" go off. These experiences are shaped by active learning in the utilization of role play and case scenarios (social work in action), which reinforces the connections between theory and practice. 

Finally, my teaching philosophy is more of an art than a science. It is in making the learning dynamic, fascinating and even fun so that the theoretical become meaningful, as it is absorbed and reflected upon by the students who are in the process of becoming the professional social workers of tomorrow. 

Areas of Specialization

  •   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •   Working with Victims of Rape, Incest and Sexual Assault
  •   Preventive service with families and children

Courses Taught

  SWK 351 Practice I 
  SWK 452 Practice II
  SWK 460 Field Seminar I 
  SWK  461 Field Seminar II
  SWGS 6413 & 6414 - Fordham University Clinical Practice I & II
  Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) - Fordham University


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  2013 - Concepts of Forgiveness in Working with Victims - Social Work Spirituality Class at Molloy College.

  2013 - Panel Presenter - The Accreditation Process - The Department of Social Work and the Council on Social Work Education.

  2012 - Facilitation of a Rape Survivors' Support Group to AASWG XXXIV Annual International Symposium, Adelphi University.

  2011 - Integrating Group Theory into Practice:  The role of supervisor/supervisee. Presentation to AASWG Long Island Chapter sponsored workshop at Molloy College.

   2010 - Service Learning - A visit to the Lakota Reservation, South Dakota. Presentation to the Molloy College Board of Trustees. 

Leadership Positions

  •    Co-Chair, Middle States Faculty Task Force - 2011 to Present
  •    Chairperson, Department of Social Work - 2007 to Present
  •    Baccalaureate Program Director, Department of Social Work - 2007 to 2012
  •    Faculty President, Molloy College - 2004 to 2006
  •    Director, Fordham/Molloy Program - 1997 to 2004