Academics Standards and Requirements

The presentation of psychological information is directed toward expanding the student's frame of reference for understanding human growth and interaction.

Department members strive to accomplish this in their threefold commitment to:

  • Familiarize students with theoretical foundations and experimental evidence pertinent to the discipline of psychology.
  • Foster the critical and constructive thinking that leads to the acquisition of skills and techniques utilized in psychological research.
  • Translate the learned into action by providing a mode of practicum suitable for the undergraduate student.


Laboratory facilities are equipped with a variety of research instruments and computers. In the lab, students develop basic research skills and eventually pursue original research projects under the guidance of department faculty.

Career Orientation

Preparation for a career should extend beyond the confines of coursework. Therefore, the faculty are committed to providing a meaningful context for that preparation. Four areas of enrichment are emphasized.

  • Advisement: a highly personalized information feedback and career counseling system whereby the student is encouraged to make appropriate use of his or her talents and abilities in planning his or her program of study.
  • Required Readings: a carefully constructed reading program intended to broaden interests, fill the gaps and generally enhance the student's knowledge and understanding of psychology.
  • Colloquia: a series of lectures designed to bring the student "face to face" with experts in various fields of psychology. (PSY 400)
  • Practicum/Internship: an intensive, supervised fieldwork involvement geared to the student's career interest. (PSY 460)

Students interested in a particular career in psychology should consult with their advisors before choosing their electives.

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