Academic Standards and Requirements

Academic Standards and Requirements
Political Science Majors

Goals of the Program

To acquire a knowledge and understanding of government and politics and their impact on the individual and society

To analyze the various models of government and the strengths and weaknesses of these political systems

To understand the dynamics of relations among nations, the forces of both integration and fragmentation in the global community

To examine the foundations and function of the American political system and the democratic principles of freedom, individual liberty and equality

To learn the responsibilities and duties of citizenship in a free society

To explore avenues for the promotion of domestic and international peace and justice

Objectives: Students will:

Understand the ideological foundation, the structure and functions of various political systems and their relationship to the individual and the society

Be able to evaluate the positive and negative feature of comparative governments, including the U.S. government

Appreciate the current challenges facing the international community, the institutions for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the factors which contribute to rational and irrational behavior among nations

Become interested, informed and active citizens

Develop their critical and analytical skills, as well as their oral, written and research skills

General Education Requirements:

All Political Science courses fulfill the general education requirement with the exception of POL 450/451 (internships), POL 470 (independent study) and POL 490 (senior seminar).

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