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John Yanovitch

John Yanovitch, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office hours: Wednesdays 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Education & Experience:

Dr. John Yanovitch has been a professor in the Molloy College Philosophy department since 1977. Prior to beginning his graduate studies in philosophy, he attended Harvard Medical School for two years. After completing his doctorate in process philosophy at Fordham University, Dr. Yanovitch taught science and mathematics at St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary. Additionally, he has an MS in Counselor Education with concentration in Mental Health Counseling from Queen’s College, and an MA in Liberal Studies with a specialization in Oriental Philosophy from Columbia State University.

Research Interests:

During the time that he has been teaching at Molloy, Dr. Yanovitch has become a respected authority in eastern thought. His courses in Zen, oriental philosophy and yoga are extremely popular among students. In recently years Dr. Yanovitch has begun moving in the direction of synthesizing philosophy and literary studies. When he is not teaching, Dr. Yanovitch — who is certified and registered as a hypnotherapist — has a successful private practice in group and personal therapy. He is currently doing research and teaching in the field of mathematics.

Student Impact:

It's no surprise to those who know him that Dr. Yanovitch is a inspiration to his students. In the words of one of our recent Philosophy grads, “Dr. Yanovitch taught me to think more profoundly and examine my beliefs with a critical lens. No other class had ever forced me to question my preconceptions about life, love and spirituality quite the way he did.”  Kathryn DiTusa, Molloy alum, Class of 2003

Upcoming Courses:

  • PHI 322 Symbolic Logic
  • PHI 315 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHI 390 Metaphysics
  • ETH 252 Sexual Ethics
  • COR 390 Aesthetics, with Prof. Don Hazlitt (Art)

Dr. John Yanovitch

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