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Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog 2013-2015 (PDF) for more information about the exact degree details.

The Philosophy Major

The classic philosophy major affords students the opportunity to delve deeply into the discipline and provides a solid foundation for further graduate work in the field, such as completing an MA or PhD program with the intention to teach in higher education. A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree from Molloy College offers an excellent education for students who possess the talent, passion and temperament necessary to succeed in this highly competitive field.

To help strengthen the undergraduate education and preparation for identifying a career after graduation, the faculty in the Department of Philosophy encourage majors to consider one of the double major career tracks highlighted below. All majors considering advanced graduate studies in philosophy should consider combining a philosophy major with another major or minor in a liberal arts area that can improve their critical thinking and oral and written communications skills (e.g., English, History, Political Science) or to take as many elective classes in these areas as possible. The department also strongly encourages all majors to spend a semester at our affiliated program at the University of Leuven (Belgium) or at the highly-competetive Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford (England) to complement their program of study at Molloy.

General Education Requirements
(includes 3 cr PHI course and 3 cr ETH course
that count towards major, below)
41 crs
Philosophy Major Requirements 30 crs


PHI 100: Philosophy: The Pursuit of Wisdom
or PHI 225h: Civilized Ideas (Honors)
PHI 102: Logic
PHI 301: Philosophical Persuasion
PHI 499: Research Seminar
ETH 250: Ethics: Theory and Practice (or any Ethics class)
3 courses:  
PHI 313: Ancient Philosophy
PHI 315: Medieval Philosophy
PHI 355: Modern Philosophy
PHI 356: 19th Century Philosophy: Freedom & Revolution
or PHI 357: Contemporary Philosophy
9 credits:  
PHI or ETH: Any course, with guidance of advisor


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