If your quest is to seek knowledge, develop original ideas, and discuss life's biggest questions, consider studying Philosophy at Molloy University on Long Island, New York. With our Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, you'll gain a greater understanding of yourself and our world, along with a solid foundation of the critical thinking skills highly-valued for a career in law, medicine, education, government, business, non-profit service or politics. Undergraduate preparation in philosophy is highly desirable for those who will go on to law school or medical school. And many Molloy students, regardless of major, find that adding a Minor in Philosophy, Applied Ethics or Bio Ethics helps strengthen their education and job prospects.

Our undergraduate program is grounded in academic excellence, the ideals of truth and respect for the worth and dignity of every student. Molloy provides a value-centered, multidimensional educational experience:

  • Well-rounded historical approach to philosophy, emphasizing critical thinking, effective argumentation and thorough familiarity with important thinkers and trends.
  • Small classroom settings specifically geared toward promoting active discussion.
  • Faculty who are dedicated, diverse and well-respected. Our esteemed professors become your mentors and teach you to think critically and to express your ideas in a logical and coherent way.
  • International Education opportunities in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, Austria, Hungary, Ireland, England and more. You can even study philosophy at the renowned Institute of Philosophy of the University of Leuven in Belgium or Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University, England.

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