Challenge Exams/Testing Programs

Challenge Exams/Testing Programs

  • All students are required to take standardized tests throughout the program. Academic remediation/support is required for those students who do not achieve the required test score.
  • Challenge exams may be taken once, failure to achieve national average necessitates taking the appropriate course(s). Diploma school graduates may take Challenge Examinations in the following areas: RN Assessment Exam nursing courses: NUR 139, 209, 259, 299, 329, 349, 359 (31 credits) NUR 229 (3 credits) [Pathophysiology]

Science Challenge Exams schedule and sequence are as follows:

  • BIO 245 (Microbiology) A workshop is offered prior to the test, and the exam is given every fall femester.
  • BIO 120 (Anatomy and Physiology I) A workshop is offered in January prior to the beginning of the spring semester.
    BIO 120 exam will be given in February.
  • BIO 121 (Anatomy and Physiology II) A workshop is offered in March and the exam is given in April.
  • Dates are arranged each semester by the biology department (ext. 6387)

Applications for these exams may be obtained from the Biology department, in K108. Science challenges must be completed prior to the nursing.

All challenges may be taken only once. Other liberal arts credits may be earned through CLEP, NYCPEP, RED exams or division examinations.

Number, type of course and credits required depends on transferred/challenged courses. The undergraduate nursing program builds on a foundation of liberal arts and sciences. Students are expected to complete approximately 40 percent of their liberal arts/pre-requisites prior to nursing courses.