William Robeson

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College
    • I have a great program director in Marc Fischer.  I could not possibly ask for better support.
    • The faculty I have met have been warm, supportive and friendly.
    • It is nice to be associated with an institution that is growing and expanding with programs that prepare students for careers.
  • Academic Interests
    • Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Safety and biological effects of radiation
    • Teaching technology students and medical residents about the basic physics and instrumentation available to medical imaging
  • What I am working on

    Developing curriculum in the basic sciences for the bachelors degree program in nuclear medicine technology.

  • Educational Philosophy

    Students must be taught to think for themselves.

    In today's world there is so much easy information available, it is important to be able to decipher valid from spurious information.  I don't believe in lots of memorization but to know how to look up information and utilize it to solve problems.  Mathematical skills are very important and I always assign problems to my classes.

  • Additional Information

    I maintain current knowledge through my affiliation with North Shore University Hospital as their radiation safety officer.