Michael Lairmore

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    Through my teaching, I have the ability to provide the academic tools needed by my students to be knowledgeable and competent nuclear medicine technologists.  These academic tools can be used by the technologist to perform their clinical duties in the nuclear medicine environment.

  • Academic Interests
    • Radiation Physics
    • Radiation Biology
    • Radiation Safety & Protection
    • Instrumentation (Gamma Cameras, Well Counters, Beta Counter, Survey Meters)
  • What I am working on

    I am a consulting medical and health physics consultant.  Through my travels I acquire information that can be used as teaching material.  At the present time, I am organizing the data I collect for integration into my teaching sessions.

  • Educational Philosophy

    Provide the academic tools needed for utilization in the clinical setting.

  • Educational Background
    • Bachelor's Degree; University of Colorado
    • Master's Degree; Fairleigh Dickinson University
    • School of Nuclear Medicine; Penrose Hospital
    • Physics Internship & Fellowship; NMA Medical Physics