Leon Lipkovich

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    Molloy College provides the perfect balance of several important factors that lead to the ultimate educational success.  Technologically equipped classrooms and campus, small classrooms, and opportunity to advance in continuing education provide the perfect setting for the instructor and the students.

  • Academic Interests

    Teaching Nuclear Medicine Technology at Molloy College and working in the field at the same time allows me to combine teaching with practice as well as stay at the frontier of innovation within the field.

  • What I am working on

    Currently in process of developing Nuclear Medicine Technology website for Molloy.edu  Expanding curriculum for Nuclear Medicine Technology B.S.           

  • Educational Philosophy

    I believe that a strong teacher is an individual who creates an environment nurtures learning, a place where students can immerse themselves in a discipline that is going to be their future careers.  Learning is not a passive process, it requires motivation, effort, and persistence.  Strong students enter the learning environment with a commitment to success, a willingness to work, and a sense of personal responsibility toward achieving their educational goals. Strong teachers provide an environment that is challenging yet supportive. They set goals and deadlines.  They present resources, critique performance, and provide enough stimulation to minimize distractions and sustain motivation.           

    In my role as a teacher, I have three primary functions: guide, facilitator, and gate keeper. These are not mutually exclusive activities, although students often regard them as such. Each lecture, laboratory, or homework assignment contains elements of all three functions.

    As a guide, I lead my students on an intellectual journey through their course of study. My role is to point out all details, highlighting particular features of the subject matter, and focusing attention on major points. It is my responsibility to decide where the path leads, what topics are important, which concepts are central, and how much emphasis is placed on each subject area.

    As a facilitator, my job is to provide an organizational framework and a set of tools that students can use to assimilate the knowledge they seek. These tools must be sufficiently accessible to accommodate the varying needs of different personalities and learning styles.In my courses, I provide lecture outlines, handouts, worksheets, on-line resources, and homework assignments that supplement lectures. On the Internet, my students can find tutorials, important readings, case studies.

    As a gatekeeper, I am responsible for setting standards of achievement and for evaluating the progress of my students against those standards.  I do not reward laziness or sloppy thinking.  I insist upon excellence.  I do not grade on a curve, but try to apply an absolute scale.  The bar is set at a fixed height, not to be lowered.  In the course of their education, I expect students to develop an ability to think critically and analytically, to know what questions to ask before making a decision, and to know where to look for answers to their questions.

  • Educational Background
    • B.S. Interdisciplinary in Biology and Nuclear Medicine, Molloy College, 2000
    • MBA, Molloy College, 2008
    • ARRT(N,CT), CNMT Certifications
    • Annual In-Vivo and In-Vitro course presentation at Nuclear Medicine Society Meetings
  • Additional Information

    Being an instructor and a clinical supervisor provides me the opportunity to re-evaluate teaching style and material in both didactic and clinical settings.

    Nuclear Medicine Technology is a highly specialized field within medical imaging.  The level of expertise required to work in the field is much more demanding today than ever.  By providing a major in NMT will assure the highest possible level of education and clinical experience for the future workforce.

    Favorite books

    Catcher in the Rye