Hia Datta

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    I enjoy the intimate learning environment with small class sizes and the opportunity to experiment with my teaching at Molloy. I appreciate the encouragement to grow and test new ways of pedagogy.

  • Academic Interests

    I am interested in the brain and how we employ it to communicate. I am interested in researching the neural bases of communication and I am interested in creating interest about the brain in students.

     My research interests include finding out how we use our brains to learn language as infants and children and how we become efficient in this process as adults. I am particularly curious as to how the brain organizes and manages multiple languages, i.e., how the bilingual/multilingual brain functions. Further, I want to know what happens  to communication when the brain deviates from typical development or encounters injury in the form of trauma or stroke.

    Academics is not limited to research. Teaching excites me. I am interested in discovering how to make a difference in the classroom and what fosters successful learning in students. I am interested in demonstrating how interest in research can motivate classroom education.

  • What I am working on

    I am currently involved in two projects. One involves investigating language and music processing in children with autism in collaboration with the Department of Music Therapy and Speech Language Hearing Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center. The other entails benefits of language therapy on school age children with Susan Alimonti as principal investigator. I am grateful to the Faculty Scholarship Committee for monies for these projects.

  • Publications/Presentations


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    Invited Talks

    • Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders, NYU, on October 6, 2009: L1 lexical attrition in Bengali-English speaking individuals
    • Keynote speaker at the International Symposium on Bilingual Aphasia, on January 5, 2010: Neural Correlates of Lexical Access in Language Attrition
    • Datta H. (2013). Confronting the challenges of teaching. Invited talk presented at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.
    • Datta H. (2013). Language processing in bilinguals. Invited talk presented at the New York Neuropsychology Association Meeting.