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A career in today's in-demand fields of science, math, computers or allied health services can be yours with a degree from Molloy University. Our Division of Natural Sciences consists of programs in mathematics and computer studies, allied health sciences and speech and language pathology and can help put you on the path to career success. You'll grow personally and professionally and graduate ready for a challenging career in:

  • Allied Health Sciences: Molloy offers individually accredited Associate degree programs in the healthcare fields of cardiovascular technology, health service leadership, nuclear medicine technology and respiratory care. With a faculty that offers a wealth of hands-on industry expertise and extensive clinical internships, you'll be more than ready to enter the healthcare workforce as a licensed practitioner.

  • Biologychemistry and environmental studies: With a multi-faceted program that encourages an appreciation of the classical approaches to scientific inquiry, critical thinking in research, personal creativity and an understanding of the delicate balance between the natural world and human interactions, our bachelor degree programs help prepare you for a career in the health professions, scientific research, environmental studies or teaching.

  • Mathematics and computer studies: The exponential demand for mathematicians and computer scientists in all academic areas from medicine and business to education, provides abundant career opportunities. Our engaging bachelor degree curriculum fosters personalized learning and growth to help you make the most of your academic experience. 

  • Speech-language pathology: The ability to speak is one of the most unique human abilities. With a bachelor degree from Molloy University, you'll gain a greater understanding of how to treat any problem or disorder associated with this vital skill. In a student-centered environment, you will learn the basic principles of speech, language and hearing sciences and their clinical correlates in order to understand human communication and engage successfully in the science of management of speech, language and hearing disorders.

  • The Speech Center facilities: Gain clinical experience with ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists and an ASHA and AAA-certified audiologist. Together with faculty and staff, treat clients and provide valuable service while gaining real-world experience.

  • Center for Environmental Research and Costal Oceans Monitoring (CERCOM) is Molloy University's 800-square-foot marine science laboratory, located at the West Sayville Boat Basin. CERCOM supports the B.S. in the biology, chemistry and environmental studies (BCES) department to service all science majors who may be interested in internships. 

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