Music Careers

A Bachelor's degree in Music (B.S.) from Molloy College in Rockville Centre is intended for students who would like to integrate music in their lives in a meaningful way. With over 25 elective credits to choose from, students are able to pursue allied areas that will further broaden their prospective professional work opportunities. Listed below are some careers that B.F.A. graduates in Music can pursue. While some may require further training or degrees, the B.F.A. in music graduate will have acquired a strong foundation and skill set to support their interests.

Drawn from recitals, presentations, lectures and academic work music majors develop skills and competency in organization, collaborative work, communication, public speaking or performance, analytical inquiry, self discipline, self evaluation and critical reflection. Additionally, through exposure to various cultures students develop an appreciation for and understanding of the global community outside the walls of our New York campuses.

  • Arts officer / manager
  • Business manager
  • Concert promoter
  • Conductor
  • Community musician
  • Event organizer
  • Journalism / criticism
  • Librarian
  • Musicologist / music research
  • Music education
  • Music publishing
  • Music therapist
  • Publicity director
  • Sound technician

Other skills gained from pursuing a career in music from Molloy College on Long Island

  • Memory, physical dexterity and concentration - developed in practicing and performance.
  • Understanding of different perspectives and cultures. You may have opportunities to study abroad, use music in community projects or study different world/ethnic traditions.
  • Critical reflection - giving and receiving criticism; learning from your mistakes; striving for improved performance.
  • Organizing and working towards a project goal
  • Performing and engaging listeners
  • Performing under pressure
  • Mental and physical self-discipline achieved through regular practice
  • Teamwork and Collaboration working in bands or orchestras as a player and or leader.
  • Molloy College produces teacher candidates who are professional, competent, and ready to hire. Our graduates go on to teach and are connected to professionals in the field nationwide through our Collegiate MENC Chapter
  • Membership in NYSSMA, NMEA, and SCMEA provide leadership and professional opportunities in Long Island and statewide.

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