Assessment and Progression Requirements

Student Recitals

Based on the applied instructor's recommendation, all students are encouraged to perform in a public recital or at the music majors meeting at the end of each semester on their main applied instrument. The public recital represents a level of achievement as a result of private instruction. All students at the junior level must present a (half) solo recital, lecture recital or a combination of solo recital and small ensemble performance in which the student is the soloist during the fall or spring semester of the junior year. It is recommended that two or three students performing (half recitals) share one evening. Music performance majors must also present a full senior recital in addition to the junior recital.

Jury Examinations

All students must take a jury exam at the end of each semester on their applied instrument at our main campus in Rockville Centre, NY. The music jury is comprised of music faculty and the student's applied instructor. The main purposes of this examination are:

  • To encourage each student to attain a high level of music performance
  • To assess and discuss the student's progress
  • To provide the student with a written evaluation of the examination

The grade from the jury represents 50 percent of the student's grade for the applied instrument. If no progress is evident from semester to semester and the student continues to demonstrate deficiencies, withdrawal from the program will be recommended. A Jury examination sign-up sheet will be posted outside the music office about three weeks before the end of the semester. Repertoire and exam sheets will be available and must be completed with the student's applied instructor. Instructions on where each exam will be held for each area of study will also be posted at our main campus in Rockville Centre.


A grade of "C" or better is required in all music courses. Students must repeat all courses if a "C" or better is not attained. Failure to attain a "C" or better when repeating a course will necessitate withdrawal from the program. A student may withdraw from the same music course only one time.

Applied Music

Every music student will study their main instrument throughout their course of study. Applied music must be taken for one credit every semester for a minimum of six credits. See the music majors handbook for more information.

Ensemble Requirements

All music students must fulfill four credits in either:

  • MUS 166 Vocal Ensemble
  • MUS 174 Chamber Ensemble
  • MUS 175 Jazz Ensemble
  • MUS 176 Percussion Ensemble
  • MUS 182 Concert Choir
  • MUS 184 Bass Ensemble
  • MUS 185 Guitar Ensemble
  • MUS 186 String Ensemble
  • MUS 187 Woodwind Ensemble

Music therapy and music education students are required to fulfill three credits.

Transfer Students

Every possible consideration will be given to students transferring credits from a previous institution. Students will be given individual orientation and assessment of appropriate placement within the department's curriculum.

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