Career Strategy

Think about your own personal brand. How do you want to represent yourself? How do you want others to perceive you in the profession? As you decide upon these traits, make sure you are exemplifying them in all of your classes, fieldwork and correspondence/dealings with professors and professionals. Conduct an internet search of your own name to ensure that any online information about you comes across as professional. You may want to revisit/edit your Facebook profile, pictures, and privacy settings.

Cultivate that professional persona- when it is time to request references, you will need to make sure that the professors, supervising teachers and others familiar with your work will serve as a positive reference on your behalf.

Consider subscribing to an online service like Interfolio to store electronic copies of recommendations, transcripts, certification and other important documents. For convenience and to maintain reference confidentiality, they will even send your materials to prospective employers.

It's important to have a portfolio in both digital and hard copy format to showcase your skills and talents to prospective employers. Collect multimedia footage over the course of your college career to document your experiences in the field - adhering to district policy on usage of student images, of course!  Use your Chalk and Wire account to get started.

Keep a log of your accomplishments and performances- this will help you when it is time to craft your resume and portfolio.

Read up on the profession and explore various avenues on the MENC website.

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