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The Molloy Business program emphasizes the importance of developing a foundation of the following skills:

  • Public speaking
  • Excellent writing
  • Technical abilities
  • The importance of an ethical demeanor

Developing these skills can occur in the classroom, as well as, in a real world setting. Therefore, we encourage our students to get involved in various clubs, competitions and conferences. These activities not only provide students with reinforcement but they add value to a resume, can lead to scholarship and publishing opportunities and can increase networking potential. In addition, students increase their leadership abilities and confidence.

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Euroweek: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

From May first through May fifth, eight Molloy students and two Business faculty, Meryl Rosenblatt and Kisha Chandler, attended the 2017 Euroweek Conference & Competition in Coimbria, Portugal. We asked some students to share their experiences from the conference.

To be perfectly honest, I've never been in a more diverse, welcoming, or fun environment than the Euroweek conference. We started back in January, when we met our international teammates and we were assigned our project topics. From there, we worked together with our colleagues from other countries to compose research papers and a presentation that we delivered at the actual conference. Aside from all of the aspects of business that I had to study up on for this trip, I learned a lot about working with people from other countries. We had to be respectful of each other's cultures, and learn from each other's differences and experiences. We learned to how to laugh at our own quirks and habits. And we made connections that I know will last a lifetime. Because of Euroweek, I have friends throughout the globe. And I'm proud to say that, so far, I've been keeping in contact with them and staying close! I think Euroweek is one of the most unique experiences available to students, and I highly encourage anyone who wants to travel to experience different cultures to go on this trip. It is truly special.
                                                                        ~Chloe Chappa, sophomore Molloy/CAP21 Theatre Arts major from Oxford, Connecticut
Euroweek is an incredible undertaking, bringing students together from many countries throughout Europe. I was honored to represent Molloy College, the only American college present, with my classmates. Preparing for Euroweek, I was amazed, thinking about the possibilities that my development team's business project could have. I was fascinated by how the team's different academic disciplines united to create something truly amazing. Upon arriving in Portugal, my classmates and I were greeted by cool breezes, sweeping hills, and celebrating university students, which made for a beautiful setting to begin a new journey together. At one point, a student let me try on his long black cloak, allowing me to partake in praxe or university tradition. I was excited to meet my team partners for the first time in person after working with them over Skype for many weeks. We supported each other throughout the conference, and my final "Cheers" with them to celebrate our time together is still vivid in my mind. Euroweek inspired me to think about industry, innovation, and creativity in new ways, and the friendships that I made during these days are everlasting. One memory that I will continue to cherish is dancing in traditional Greek style at Global Village, an international buffet followed by a party, with new friends. The remarkable food and the welcoming atmosphere were just what I needed. At the conference's conclusion, I felt blessed to win "Best Business Idea" to the cheers of the assembly and leave Portugal with expanded horizons.
                                                                                                                    ~John D. Cronin, senior Business major from Bellmore, New York
Along With students from Belgium and Italy, John Cronin and I won the "Best Business Idea" award at Euroweek. Our project was a collaborative effort by students from three different countries to provide affordable 3D printed prosthetic arms to African children in the ECOWAS region of Western Africa. The research and business model we proposed allows for an affordable, high quality alternative of the traditional prosthetic limb to be made available in the target countries. By attending this conference and formulating this project with peers from other countries, I learned the positive and negatives associated with teamwork. It was more difficult collaborating through different time zones with individuals of varying cultural backgrounds. Moreover, the entirety was done in English, which is a secondary language at best for every country in attendance. In our project, this led to miscommunications as well as a need for an extensive editing process. On the positive side, we had key access to alternative resources, as well as differing points of view in research. This allowed us to have a more complete paper and have the greater potential for success in our start-up. The conference was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to meet peers from countries across Europe and establish contacts that will last me a lifetime. In my opinion, attending Euroweek is an essential aspect of the college experience and the opportunity to study abroad should be taken advantage of by as many students as possible.
                                                                                                          ~Gabe D'Orsi, sophomore Biology major from Massapequa, New York
Euroweek was a life-changing experience that one could only begin to describe through the emotions I felt that week. From the excitement, stress, and determination that followed me and my team throughout the competition, I found a drive in me that I did not know existed. I never would have imagined a business conference would change my life the way that it did. I was emerged in the culture of Portugal while meeting people from across Europe who had one goal in mind: Innovation. I learned from the experiences of students from Austria to Finland that this was not a competition but a cultivation of ideas yearning to be spilled out into the world. Not only getting to know the students in a professional manner but also relating to them outside of the work we did made Euroweek an intimate yet competitive atmosphere that pushed everyone to succeed. Through the countless number of sleepless nights, Euroweek created a family and a sense of unity with an extremely diverse group of people I could never have imagined possible. While those nights were stressful, I would re-live them a thousand times over.
                                                                                                 ~Marsha Verghese, freshman Business major from Floral Park, New York

Entrepreneurship Club

Bobby Lenahan is a junior at Molloy College, and his entrepreneurial nature was fueled and supported by the Business Entrepreneurship Club.  See more...

Active learning is simply more effective than the traditional college experience of listening to lectures and reading textbooks! There is no better active learning opportunity than business competitions for college students. Molloy  business students participate in the following competitions:

  • The College Fed Challenge sponsored by Federal Bank of New York
  • The New York State Business Plan Competition
  • CFA Institute Research Challenge® sponsored by NYSSA
  • Euroweek

The winner of one of the Business Plan competitions said years later: "Standing up in front of business professionals and trying to convince them to give me money for something that does not currently exist was the most important skill I learned in college."

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