Lights, Camera, Audio: CAP21 Alum Brings Theatre Online

What happens when the world is your stage, but the world is closed until further notice due to a pandemic?
The answer for actress and Molloy/CAP21 BFA alum Angela Strauman was simple: bring theatre online with live stream read-throughs.

Online vocie actorsThe first reading chosen was Noises Off, a British farce that involves slapstick and physical comedy, not to mention quick dialogue with accents. Strauman chose Noises Off because the "stakes were low" while the positivity and comic relief opportunities were high. The reading took place on a Zoom video call, with 11 total actors from all over the country. Strauman cast them based off past experience and emailed each actor a script to look over beforehand. The result was a hilarious and much needed break from reality, not to mention an excellent opportunity for the actors to refine read-through and acting skills while the lights are off on stages across the world. Strauman added that the read-through gave her a "tunnel vision" type of focus, similar to being on stage. Afterwards, Strauman and her fellow Zoom actors felt a lingering positive energy from having been part of something together despite being apart.

Long distance online read-throughs are something that Strauman always wanted to do, long before the days of working from home indefinitely and staying six feet apart. "Life just happens, and it was always so hard to find a time to connect" Strauman stated. And while the quarantine seemed like a burden to some, to Strauman it was a chance to finally reconnect with friends and theatre colleagues around the world, from the comfort and safety of her NYC apartment.

More read-throughs are planned to continue lifting spirits during the pandemic, but Strauman hopes to keep the momentum going even when the quarantine is over and the world sees "action!" again.

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