Computer Studies

Computer Studies is comprised of Computer Science and Computer Information Systems. Computer Studies introduces students to the concepts and applications of computers and prepares them to effectively utilize computers in their respective fields and subsequent careers.

Our computer science curriculum focuses on modern web and mobile development. We teach core computer science concepts by using the Python and JavaScript programming languages as our primary tools. As you work toward completing the requirements for the degree in computer science, you will be exposed to HTML5 and the Node.js runtime environment and popular web frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap and JQuery. You will also gain valuable industry experience through collaborative course projects and the required internship. Upon graduating, you will have the skills necessary to create your own web applications and experience with web technologies that are used heavily by companies of all sizes.

Goals and Objectives of Computer Science (CSC)

  • To enable the student to explore a problem from different perspectives.
  • To give the student a background in programming that permits him/her to move from a language they know to an unfamiliar language.
  • To provide the student with an understanding of general underlying concepts in order to prepare the student to keep pace with a rapidly changing field.
  • To prepare the student for a career in the computer field.
  • To provide the student with sufficient background for graduate study in the field.

Goals and Objectives of Computer Information Systems (CIS)

  • To provide students with the skills to analyze, design, implement and manage large-scale information systems.
  • To prepare computer majors for careers and/or graduate work in systems analysis and design, communications networks and web development.
  • To enable all students to acquire knowledge and skills in information technology necessary for career success.

We know there is no better way to learn, than to do. Our program will encourage and make available to you internships to be completed in a variety of fields. Computer Science coursework includes:

  • C++, Java, Python and JavaScript
  • Computer architecture and design
  • Operating systems
  • Systems programming
  • Data structures
  • Additional courses are also available in database and networking

Our Computer Science program is extensive and just what you need to put in your cache to ensure you will be a success. As you work toward your degree, you will build on a basic understanding of computer software and hardware, advance your skills and learn to develop processes. The knowledge you gain here will enable you to apply your skill in diverse fields including:

  • The physical sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Computer sciences
  • Social sciences.
  • Graduate study

Whether you plan a career as a software developer, a systems analyst or a programmer in computer firms or scientific industries, a computer science degree from Molloy will drive you toward a successful future.

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Computer Studies
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