Degree Requirements

New York State Registered Program Code: 86099
HEGIS Code: 701.00 (Computer and Information Sciences, General)

Computer Science - B.A. Courses Credits

General Education Requirements: courses listed under General Education Requirements
(41 credits needed) See Note:

Arts and Fine Arts (2 out of 3 disciplines) ART/MUS/COM


English and Modern Languages (1 of each discipline) Language;
and Modern Language/Literature

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 out of 4 disciplines) HIS/POL/PSY/SOC 9

Math and Science: Science course lab course in BIO, CHE or PHY preferred.


Philosophy, Theology and Ethics (1 of each discipline) (9 credits):
PHI; TRS; and ETH (PHI/MAT 324 preferred)


Physical Education: PED


Core Course (4 credits): COR

Major Requirements (minimum of 37 credits):
CSC 120 Programming I 3
CSC 121 Programming II 3
CSC 229 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3
CSC/CIS 235 Introduction to Web Scripting 3
CSC 244 Data Structures 4
Core Complete two of the following courses* (6credits): 6
CSC 323 Assembly Language and Systems Programming *
CSC 330 Operating Systems *
CSC 337 Web/Mobile Game Development *
CSC 352 Back-end Web Development *
CSC 460 Internship 3
CSC 491 Capstone Seminar 3
Complete at least 9 additional credits** from the following (9 credits): 9
CIS/CSC any level courses **
Related Requirements - (17 credits):
MAT 221 Calculus I 4
MAT 221 Calculus II 4
Complete either*** MAT 115, MAT 225 or MAT 361 (3 credits): 3
MAT 115 Statistics for the Natural Sciences ***
MAT 225 Statistics for the Natural Sciences ***
MAT 361 Probability and Mathematical Statistics ***
MAT 228 Topics in Discrete Math for Computer Science Majors 3
MAT 232 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
FST Requirement:
FST 101 College Experience (If required) 1

Electives: 17 Elective credits must be Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for a B.A. degree.
Depending on the course, some of the electives for the Major can be counted as LAS, some
will not count. (34 Electives with 1 LAS credit are required if FST is waived.)


(Adjust Electives needed for having a Minor(s), Remedials, ESL, Honors Programs, PED/FST
waivers as needed, under consultation with advisor.)

Total: 128

NOTE: The General Education requirement is 44 and has been adjusted to 41 because
the following related requirement will also satisfy the general education requirement: MAT 221.

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