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A Famous Astronomer Once Said ...

"If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics." Why begin again if you can start right now in the department of Mathematics and Computer Studies? Virtually every field from business, education, science and mathematics itself benefit from the analytical and conceptual mindset of a mathematics major. If you have a penchant for solving problems in technology then step into the role of a computer scientist, or a hardware engineer with a degree in computer science. Or if you prefer instead to apply your technical skills to support and add value to business organizations, then become that application analyst or IT consultant with a degree in computer information systems.

Degrees Offered:

Do More with a Double Major ... or a Minor!

With many high paying professions requiring strong mathematical skills, math majors can easily see the career potential of adding another major such as computer science or education, which are both popular among our students. If a dual major is not possible but would still like to future-proof your career, then a minor may help you stand out in a changing job marketplace. Our department offers minors in mathematics, computer science and computer information systems to give you the extra edge.

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Math and Computer Studies
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