Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate's Degree

The Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences is a two-year undergraduate program that focuses on liberal arts courses and represents completion of the College's General Education curriculum. The Associate in Arts program is designed to allow for the transfer and application of credits earned at Molloy University to apply to the bachelor's degree requirements at most four-year colleges and universities. The program requires 60 credits.

Students are not required to take a COR course for this degree. The available elective credits should be chosen carefully with an academic advisor to best select elective courses that are transferable to another institution or program of study.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate quantitative literacy and information literacy skills through the selection, collection, and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the place of the arts in society and culture
  • demonstrate intellectual excellence, critical thinking and a life-long commitment to learning
  • Demonstrate a belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals, an awareness of human rights and social justice and an acceptance of differences among peoples.
  • Demonstrate social, political and ecological awareness and involvement.


General Education Requirements (40 Credits)

Acceptable courses listed under General Education Requirements.

  • Arts and Fine Arts (6 Credits)
Two out of three disciplines: ART History, MUS History or COM Speech Communication
  • English Composition (3 Credits) ENG 1110
  • Languages (3 Credits)
  • Languages or Literature (3 Credits)
Either a second Language course or Literature course
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Credits)
Three out of four: History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
  • Mathematics (3 Credits)
  • Science (3 Credits)
  • Philosophy (3 Credits)
  • Theology/Religious Studies (3 Credits)
  • (3 Credits)
  • Physical Education (1 Credit)

NOTE: Students planning to pursue bachelor’s degrees in Education at Molloy, should select specific courses from the "General Education Courses" from the "School of Education" section of the catalog. For other programs, students should review best courses to take if continuing in a bachelor's program.

Electives (20 Credits)

  • 6 Elective credits must be Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) for a B.S. degree.
  • FST 1000 counts towards required Electives.

(Adjust Electives needed for taking Remedials, ESL, PED/FST waivers as needed, under consultation with advisor.)

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