Degree Details

Interdisciplinary Studies-B.A. or B.S.

New York State Registered Program Code: 86104 (BA)
New York State Registered Program Code: 86105 (BS)
HEGIS Code: 4901.00 {Liberal Arts and Sciences}
Molloy Program of Study Code: INTBA/INTBS

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:
•   Articulate the major concepts and/or theories within each of their chosen discipline concentrations.
•   Recall and analyze significant concepts, theories and perspectives within the integrative field of Interdisciplinary Studies.
•   Engage in scholarly research and produce a final research paper related to the selected disciplinary concentrations.
•   Assess orally and in writing the value of integrative process to the larger production of general education, and to transformative education at the service of the local and global community.
•   Fulfill requirements of Concentrations.

General Education Requirements (38 Credits)
Acceptable courses listed under General Education Requirements.
Arts and Fine Arts (6 Credits) Two out of three disciplines: ART History, MUS History or COM Speech Communication
English Composition (3 Credits)
ENG 1110 Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Credits) 
Three out of four: History, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
Mathematics (3 Credits)
Science (3 Credits)
Philosophy (3 Credits)
Theology/Religious Studies (3 Credits)
Ethics (3 Credits)
Physical Education (1 Credit)
Core Course (4 credits)

NOTE: The General Education requirement is 44, and has been adjusted to 38, because the following Related requirements will also satisfy the General Education requirement: the Language and Languages/Literature requirements.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Requirements (39 Credits)

The Senior project will cover the integration of the areas studied for the concentrations.

INT 4900 Integrative Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies


Two or more areas of concentration (36 Credits)

Each concentration is a minimum of 18 credits, with a minimum of 9 credits of departmentally designated specialized or advanced courses for each area of concentration or as determined by the Dean, Associate Dean or Chairperson of each area of concentration.

Courses designated as fulfilling the General Education requirement and a Concentration Requirement will be applied to both requirements. The Chairperson or Associate Dean for the Concentration area can provide assistance with Academic Planning.

Related Requirements (6 Credits)

Languages (3 Credits)

Allowed Languages courses are: ARA, CHI, ESL, FRE, ITA, SPA. Note: (No ASL) Refer to the General Education Section of the Catalog for appropriate courses.

Second Languages or Literature (3 Credits)

Allowed Languages courses are: ARA, CHI, ESL, FRE, ITA, SPA.
Note: (No ASL) Refer to the General Education Section of the Catalog for appropriate courses.

Electives (37 Credits)

The Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) required for a B.A. degree is 90 credits and for a B.S is 60 credits. FST 1000  counts towards required Electives. The degree and concentration chosen will affect how many electives are needed. More electives will be needed if Major requirements can also satisfy General Education requirements.
(Adjust Electives needed for having a Minor(s), Remedials, ESL, Honors Programs, PED/FST waivers as needed, under consultation with advisor.)

Subtotal: 120

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