Academic Standards and Requirements

Goals and Objectives

Recognizing that there are students interested in attending Molloy College who are unable to satisfy their needs and interests in single-discipline majors, Molloy College has created this interdisciplinary studies major to meet these needs and interests. Such highly motivated students will be enabled to provide themselves with the enrichment of a broad liberal arts education and at the end of the program of study be able to:

  • Articulate the value of each of their discipline concentrations within the scope of interdisciplinary studies and the General Education Program.
  • Compare and critically evaluate significant concepts, theories and perspectives related to the field of interdisciplinary studies.
  • Utilize their information literacy skills by engaging in scholarly research and producing a major final seminar paper/project related to their selected interdisciplinary concentrations.
  • Appraise the field of interdisciplinary studies and its value to their personal and professional growth and development.
  • Speak and write effectively regarding the knowledge, skills, and values shaped within the integrative process of interdisciplinary study and their life experience.

Prerequisites for Admission 

During the first year at Molloy or at anytime thereafter, a highly-motivated student desiring admittance to the Interdisciplinary Studies major can declare areas of concentration with the chairperson for this major. (Students desiring to add this major or change to this major must use the regular change of major form.) The candidate will present a rationale that has internal coherence. This rationale must demonstrate that the student has a unique goal, unobtainable in any already existing major.

Approval for the student to proceed as a major in Interdisciplinary Studies will be decided by the chairperson for Interdisciplinary Studies. In the event of a conflict, the final decision will be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Transfer students will be required to take 12 of the required credits for each area of concentration on the Molloy campus.

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