Walter Kleinmann

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College
    • My colleagues in the Department of Modern Languages are most supportive
    • The interactions with members of other departments are positive, friendly, and productive
  • Academic Interests
    • Finding linguistic similarities in the etymologies of words and idiomatic expressions in German, Italian and Spanish
    • Central and South American cultures: Myths and Legends
  • What I am working on

    I'm trying to obtain documentary evidence as to how the Catholic Church helped interned Jews to evade and escape the Fascists and Nazis in southern Italy during World war II.

  • Educational Philosophy

    When colleagues and friends ask me why I'm still teaching after 48 years, I respond with:"I love my work.  Teaching is not a job. It's a way of life". I try to  remain cognizant of the following:

    You, the instructor, need to love, and respect your subject matter, (2) It's easier to teach a lesson if most of the students like your personality, (3) try to remember that you too were once a student, and demonstrate patience and compassion to your students whenever they fall behind and seen not to be able to manage the presented material, (3)And most importantly, bring into your classroom ethical behavior, fairness, beauty, and love so as to create for your students and for yourself an environment of sacred time and space in which to practice your chosen craft.

  • Educational Background
    • BA: Queens College (1962)
    • MA: New York University (1972)
    • Diploma de Cultura Espanola: Univ.of Madrid 1970
    • Teacher of Spanish, Italian German, Department Chairperson of Foreign Languages and Coordinator of Foreign Languages for the Sewanhaka Central HS District (1962- 2002)
    • Teacher of Spanish and Italian: Sacred Heart Academy (2003- present)
  • Publications/Presentations

    My name appears as consultant reader, editorial consultant or co-author in the following texts:

    • Voces y Vistas, Puentes, Arcos y Alamedas: Scott Foresman & Co.
    • Paso a Paso 1, 2, and 3.  Scott Foresman & Co.
    • German Three Years: Amsco School Publications.
    • Basic German Course with Basic German Dictionary.
    • Crown Publications, NY.
    • Avanti con l'italiano" Amsco School Publications.
    • Oggi in Italia (4th ed.), Houghton Miflin & Co.
    • Comprehensive Regents Testing: Italian
    • Amsco School Publications.
    • It's Your Turn To Speak English.  Proficiency Press.
    • Aiming for Proficiency in German: Proficiency Press.
    • A Guide for the NYS Proficiency Examination. Proficiency Press.