Dr. Kristen Blake

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    Molloy provides a unique setting for faculty and students to interact effectively with one another. I enjoy working with our students and constantly encourage them to seek new horizons by applying to graduate schools and other professional programs.

  • Academic Interests
    • Cold War in the Near East

    • Political and economic development of Inner Asia

    • Women and gender in Developing Countries

    • Advancement of education in Developing Countries

    • Settlement of refugees and humanitarian aid

  • What I am working on

    I am currently working on two book projects: The Comparative Politics of China, Japan, and the Middle East; and Iran in the 21st Century.

  • Educational Philosophy

    I think of the learning process as a journey undertaken by both the instructor and the students. It is a process of self-reflection and growth. The teaching profession has its own rewards when students appreciate an instructor's efforts and look up to that instructor as a role model.

  • Educational Background

    Dr. Blake received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in Inner Asian and Altaic Studies.

  • Publications/Presentations

    The U.S.-Soviet Confrontation in Iran, 1945-1962. Lanham, Md: University Press of America, 2009.