Jenny Patten La Monica

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    I welcome the challenge of making the history of art appeal to a classroom of non-art majors.  It forces me to think about the universality of art, make connections with contemporary culture, find the interdisciplinary undercurrents, and contemplate the important life lessons that can be learned through the arts.  Only 20 miles away from Manhattan and some of the world's greatest art museums, Molloy's students can easily experience the rich culture of art and some of the finest masterpieces in our collective human history.

  • What I am working on

    Finishing my dissertation, "Poetical Beauty: Theological Aesthetics in the Writings of Anna Jameson." I am also interested in the life lessons that can be learned through the arts as well as exploring the iconography of the world around us.

  • Educational Background
    • Doctorate of Philosophy, Art and Religion, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.
    • Master of Arts, Art History, Syracuse University
    • Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Sonoma State University
  • Additional Information

    Professor La Monica has spent four years in Italy studying and teaching a variety of art history courses ranging from Ancient Roman Art to Baroque. She has since taught graduate level courses, including a doctoral seminar on "The Jesuits and the Arts" as part of a prestigious Teagle-Wabash Fellowship. Prior to her career in academia, Professor La Monica worked at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, followed by Seven Arrows Multimedia assisting with production of art historical films. In her free time, she seeks to capture beauty on film and canvas, as well as digital and mixed media.

  • Publications/Presentations
    • "Poetical Beauty: Theological Aesthetics in the Writings of Anna Jameson."  Ph.D. Diss., Graduate Theological Union, 2013.
    • "Poetical Beauty: Anna Jameson's Methodology for Theological Aesthetics" forthcoming in Cithara, Fall 2012.
    • 'What is Swanson's Art Like?' A Foolish Question?" in ARTS (Arts in Religious and Theological Studies), Volume 21, Number 2, 2010.
    • "Kapa Iconography," "How to Make a Kapa," "Historic Origins of the Kapa," and "Aesthetic Inspirations of the Kapa" chapters to Kumu Humu 'O Molokai, a Hawaiian Quilt Exhibition and Benefit for Aka'ula School, Molokai, HI, February, 2009.
    • "Church of the Gesù Photographs: A Few of My Favorite Things" in New Wineskins, Volume II, Number 2, Fall 2007. 
    • "Botticelli's Annunciation" in Il Rinascimento in Italia: La Civiltà delle Corti, exhibition catalog, The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, 2001.
    •  "The Nuovi Uffizi: A New Museum for a New Millennium?" published in the Italian Art Society Newsletter, Fall 2000.  (Based on interviews with the Superintendent of Arts in Florence, the Director of the Uffizi gallery and the Uffizi architect.)