Dana Hemes

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    Molloy has a deep-rooted community aspect, while also being made up of a very diverse student group. All ages, ethnicities, majors, etc. come together to form a big family, where compassion and nurturing is central to the education process.

  • Academic Interests
    • Photography (studio and history)
    • Sculpture/Installation
    • Interactive Arts
    • Interdisciplinary Arts
    • Science
  • What I am working on

    I am working on multiple projects investigating Interspecies Interactions. I create scenarios in which humans and living nonhumans can share experiences. My practice is rooted in non-anthropocentric and process philosophies; and it emerges from experimentation and observation. 

    This year I will have a solo show in the Lower East side of NYC; will be participating in a group show in Newark, NJ; and will be giving an artist talk/lecture at Genspace in Brooklyn.

  • Educational Philosophy

    Learning by doing, thinking, and making. I encourage participation and working through ideas by experimentation.

  • Educational Background
    • New York University, 2008 - BFA in Photography and Imaging with a Minor in Studio Arts
    • Montclair State University, 2014 - MFA in Visual Arts (Interactive Sculpture and Installation)
    • Monograph: Interspecies Intersections, 2014
  • Additional Information

    Grew up in South Louisiana, moved to New York for Undergrad at NYU (for Photography and Imaging).

    Favorite books:

    • How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human, by Eduardo Kohn
    • When Species Meet, by Donna Haraway
    • Pynchon and David Foster Wallace