Brian Cogan

  • Why I Love Teaching at Molloy College

    I enjoy working with the students at Molloy. I like working with them on important critical issues and asking them to think outside of their comfort zones. I think that Molloy students invest so much in their education and they are willing to take chances and experiment with new ideas, while engaging with concepts that they might have found difficult just a few years ago. In particular, I love seeing them realize that college is not a place of rote learning for a specific career, but a place where they can challenge themselves on a regular basis and discover who they want to become.

    I've just finished editing a collection of essays about the television show South Park (Lexington Press 2012). Currently, I'm co-editing an anthology of essays on the Baby Boomer generation (Praeger 2012) and am excited to be co-writing, along with Dr. Jeff Massey of the English Department, a book about Monty Python (St. Martin's Press, 2013). I am also developing a book and documentary about people who choose to step outside of an entertainment-based culture to seek solutions to a society based on constant mediated stimulus.

  • Academic Interests

    A Communications degree makes sense because it not only teaches important skills, but also teaches students to think critically and challenge themselves. Most employers don't want students just trained in a discipline, they want students who are well-read, thoughtful and able to adapt.  A student who chooses Communications  as a discipline is able to jump into almost any field, from public relations, to video production, to any business enterprise.

  • Educational Philosophy

    Where to start? I read voraciously in many disciplines. In terms of my field, I particularly love the works of Neil Postman, especially, Amusing Ourselves to Death and the Disappearance of Childhood. I also enjoy the works of Henry Jenkins, Sherry Turkle, Lewis Mumford, Walter Ong, Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, Jaron Lanier, and Guy Debord. In terms of fiction, I'm enamored of many authors, particularly James Thurber, James Joyce, Milan Kundera, J. R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Roberto Bolano, T. S. Elliot, Shakespeare and I believe that students do not learn through lectures, but through a dialogue where they are encouraged not just to ask questions, but to challenge not only the authority of the works debated, but also academic and contemporary culture. Students do not learn from passive education, but from being immersed in critical inquiry where they challenge not only the dominant belief systems, but also themselves.

  • Educational Background


    Ph.D. (2002) Media Ecology, New York University

    Media Ecology Department. Dissertation "Wired Words" A Frame Analysis of newspaper coverage of the introduction of the personal computer and the Internet. Chair: Neil Postman

    M.A.  (1996)Media Ecology, New York University

    B.S.   (1989) Communication Arts, St. Johns University

    Major in Communication Arts and Sciences



    Everything I Ever Needed to Know About _____________* I Learned from Monty Python"

  • Additional Information

    Outside of my dedication to teaching, I'm also a writer, consultant, and member of many communications associations.  I have also worked in the film industry as a producer.    I am currently working on a graphic novel as well as a novel set in the 1980's art scene.