Careers and History and Political Science Majors

What is History and Political Science?

History and Political Science are disciplines in the humanities and social science that investigate and analyze the past and present to determine patterns in human behaviors.

History specializations include diplomacy, immigration, religion and geographic-specific areas like the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Political Science specializations include American Politics, Comparative Governments, International Relations, Political Theory, and Public Policy.

What skills do History and Political Science Majors need for their careers?

Writing & Organization
Analytical Thought
Oral & Visual Communication Creativity - Problem Solving

How will these skills and the Major help me to achieve my career goals?

Professionals who work in the Historical and Political Science fields learn how to find information and are able to convey that information in a clear, understandable manner through public speaking, writing reports, and with visual mediums, which is essential to many professions. The career fields listed below depend on individuals who are experts in an area of knowledge who can locate, understand, and analyze information and communicate this information effectively.

A degree in History or Political Science trains you in these highly desirable skill sets and sets you on a path to become an expert in an issue area of your interest.

  • Federal, State, & Local Public Administration & Government
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Law
  • International Organizations
  • Diplomacy
  • International & Domestic Business
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Policy
  • Journalism
  • Campaigns & Polling
  • Primary & Secondary Education
  • Graduate Study - MA/PhD
  • Professor
  • Political Office
  • Documentary Film & Media
  • Archives & Museums
  • Records Management
  • Library Sciences
  • Information Technology Management
  • Private & Public Foundations
  • Contract Historians
  • Publishing & Editing
  • Professional Research
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Services
  • Interest Group Lobbying
  • Law Enforcement
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Risk Management

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