Academic Standards and Requirements

The Health Service Leadership program is designed to provide health professionals with opportunities for both career and academic advancement. The coursework will provide the professional with the leadership, administrative and communication skills required in today's health care environment. Study will focus on financial management, legal issues, management information systems, organization and leadership and research in health care. This curriculum will cultivate the leadership skills required to respond to the challenge of the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

Programs for Health Service Leadership
Allied Health Science Students who wish to participate in the Health Service Leadership Program must earn a minimum of an AAS Degree in either Cardiovascular Technology, Health Information Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology or Respiratory Care to fulfill the necessary requirements to complete the program in two academic years. Students transferring into Molloy College with an AAS Health Profession degree from another institution may require an additional semester depending on the liberal arts and science content of their transfer credits.

Admission Requirements

  • Students completing an AAS degree in Cardiovascular Technology, Respiratory Care, Health Information Technology and Nuclear Medicine Technology at Molloy College are eligible for admission to this upper division program.
  • Transfer students are eligible for admission if they possess an associate degree in a health profession. Sixty-four credits of the degree are eligible for transfer. A minimum of 30 transfer credits in a health profession is required toward the degree program.
  • Personal interview by program director.

Grading Criteria for Progression

  •   A student must have an overall 2.3 cumulative index prior to beginning Health Service Leadership courses.
  •  A grade of "C+" or better is necessary for all required HSL courses. (For the related requirements a grade of "C" or better is required.)
  •   Health Service Leadership courses may be repeated one time. Failure to attain a grade of at least a "C+" when taking an HSL course for the second time will necessitate withdrawal from the Program.
  • A maximum of two HSL courses may be repeated in the major. On the third failure to achieve a "C+", the student will be withdrawn from the Program.
  • Students who have been withdrawn due to academic failure may not be readmitted to the HSL Program.